Thursday, May 6, 2010


Too much rain too fast can have disastrous effects. Just look at media pictures of Nashville. Not much appeared on the news though. I found that disturbing. Instead there was a detailed account of a historic event that happened in Holland 65 years ago. It was related to the days of Ann Frank. It was the story of the Dutch liberation from the horrors of WWII. I do not want to belittle that event but the people of Tennessee deserve to have their story heard too! Especially when it is current (no pun intended). Will there be support? Let's hope so! Those folks there will need much help. What can you do Kleinste Motte?


  1. I heard a fleeting report on the tv today. I believe it said the flood waters are receding. Let us hope that is the case. I did see a lot a few days ago showing the devastation and the floods. It was terrible. I can say a prayer for the people. Blessings.

  2. Hi there,
    I didn't know where else to post an answer to your question about the DSAO conference, and I wasn't sure if I was posting on my blog today, so I decided to send you a comment!
    I believe, everyone is welcome at any Ds conference, including parents of adults with Ds. If you would like to double check, you can call either the DSAO, or contact them: For more information, please e-mail Lilly Iuliano at or DSAO at Their phone number is: 905-439-6644
    (I found these on the event poster.) I hope that helps you, and if you do decided to go, please let me know - we would love to meet with you there!
    Sandi & Hunter (Welcome to Our House)

  3. The news in this country is "managed" by the big wigs who own the news organization. They hire the news teams and they sit around large tables each day and discuss the events and determine what would be the most interesting. Of course a city flattended by an industrial explosion would be on top of the news and from there on down to the last item that day. Rudolph Murdoch owns a lot of newspapers and television stations and his brand of conservatism, right-wing and all, shows up all day on Fox News programs on television. I am almost positive it is the same in Canada. I do have a higher regard for news coming from the BBC because they still report the news and have hired "readers" to read it. They don't have personalities like America does, discussing and speaking about the news like CNN or NBC or CBS or even ABC does.

    I have only seen that Tennessee has had a flood and that was once on the evening news the same day it was happening.

    On the computer, which is where we get our news nowadays, I have seen that The Grande Old Opry has been ruined and lots of country banjo pickers are ruined too.

    I think you are right that the state deserves more attention. We are not even hearing about the oil spill in the gulf and that could be an ecological disaster for the world. I would think the news people would be all over the gulf reporting the millions of sea creatures that have already died, while BP crows about what it plans to do to clean things off and pay the shrimp boat owners for not getting to earn their normal living.

    Thanks for the visit to my blogs. It is always appreciated.

  4. Thanks for the reminder - following you back now!

  5. I agree with Abe, so much here to be done. I am pleased you found my blog and I will be back again.