Thursday, December 31, 2020

Really Part Two

 Today is the last day of 2020. Six more months of huge Covid losses and many lockdowns, job losses and travel reduced by 90%. 

And a newer variant of the virus that is more easily spread has emerged causing further alarm. Children are loosing their chance to play freely with friends as they must try to live in their bubble of safe people and even wear masks in indoor places. Schools have had a lot of Covid cases so Zoom classes are very common now. But more children are facing homeless futures as their care givers loose jobs and businesses and as they face living on no income sets in.Famished people by the millions sends tears to my eyes in helplessness because not enough assistance has been made available fast enough! It is catastrophic.

There are now vaccines rolling out but not soon enough to bring back lost jobs. In fact just getting millions vaccinated globally will take more than 9 months. 

Those bankrupt and those homeless need a huge boost financially but will wealthy share to enable that to come about?

The UK free of EU has made trade deals but Covid has taken down many businesses and it seems their hope for a new way forward will be hampered another few years as recovery will be dragging on.

US A has Biden as their new President for 2021 but he too has the Covid nightmare to contend with. And he hopes to bring a divided people back to one America. Historically the US has never been united. Two parties make that a dream rather than a reality.Their way to elect a new leader starts almost the moment a president is put into place and that dragged out system they call a democratic process is nothing short of a power struggle controlled by the most wealthy. Billions are spent on endless years of campaigning. Money would be better spent on creating a most highly educated population and a nation that spreads out wealth. Sadly many see that as too socialistic. It is not the American way though there are exception.

Tonight we move into 2021. As we do there is hope that Tokyo Olympics will happen In July and many other events are to reopen for those who are vaccinated. Can the globe get ready by July? 


Many of you follow my two blogs. I thank you for your loyalty. I wish you all good health and a better New Year.

Buddy too.