Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Dreaded C ..

  The last two months have been a stressful time that we really didn't anticipate. Our move into a nicer, healthier house was to be fun. It was until I woke up three weeks ago with severe pains in my tummy, a place that has been operated for colon cancer and was already at stage three. What a sudden blow that it has forced it's way back! Luckily I believe I can beat it again! I immediately resumed all the anti cancer stuff. Already today I feel some improvement slight change in my level of energy and I have less pain. 
   To date I have had great cancer checkups but somehow around Christmas time I felt some pangs and I wasn't feeling right. I had pneumonia and recovered but then a weird sensation of 'unwellness' kept popping up. It included some sudden hot flashes unrelated to menopause ( because I have long passed that phase). It became clear to me that the colon and lymph nodes were acting up because some tender spots especially on my left side in my belly area, my arm and leg joints and armpit became more painful. Cancer, that awful growing beast, was creeping back into my life just when I was very excited about a change in our home. Also I wanted a more active life style and I really needed to adopt it not just for me but Buddy too.
   And next came another hurdle, that flash of a severe chest pain! I had never had one before. This just came suddenly. Quickly I had cardio tests done and it was discovered that I have a blockage to the heart. While all these episodes are a part of aging I am taking care to have a speedy recovery. I pray that I can be around for many more years. I just have to get better. Hubby's rooting for me as is Buddy.
  For a break tomorrow Buddy and I are meeting up with Tina, his one time babysitter when he was just 6 and she was 12. An older blog, Tina, can be found if you wish. We recently visited her at Princess Margaret Hospital where she was recovering from a bone marrow transplant to help her recover from years of Hodgkins Lymphoma. She's home now and doing very well.
   Lunch will be fun.
   I'm so sorry that I have not been around to visit your many posts but I shall try again to be there as soon as I am better. Pray that I shall recover quickly. I do so enjoy the photos and stories you all share. They are very meaningful to me because you have taken time to read my work too. Sharing is a big part of my way of life.
   As April draws to an end I hope that the many days of cold weather and record breaking rainfall will also halt a bit for the sunshine. It's rays just tend to help me really enjoy the renewal of life as the gardens become green, plants bloom and wildlife takes up it's local residence.
   I'm hoping to sit in our new yard watching hubby grill and Ellie chase the bugs while Buddy laughs at her playful ways. But the stones are still wet from snow and rain. Let's hope May will be better.
   And where are you? I wish to meet up with you again too.

So please will you stay around while I get back on track. Your prayers and words of encouragement would be so appreciated at this time.

P.S. I just noticed that I posted this on Rolli"s birthday. My brother died in 1978 at the age of 30 and I still miss him. There's a blog about him too. Tins knew him.