Saturday, December 22, 2018


   The times are changing globally in so many ways I find it disturbing. Perhaps I am somewhat weird in my thoughts but for some time now my gut suggests that the the US president while appearing to attempt to make America great is actually just a misguided puppet secretly hoping to win over approval from wealthy Russian leadership for his own future. At the same time I feel that Putin and his men have fund that they came weaken the US by inserting foolish ideas into the mind of the US leader thus weakening that nation both internally and globally.
It is so had to watch how all is just unravelling.
It bothers me that all regard for allies is being ignored. I wonder what our Prime Minister Trudeau will be able to do now that he has involved himself with the China CEO.
And Trumps' shut down of the department of Justice really has me wondering. Is he trying to mess with law keepers?
As I listen to news from countries around the globe I sense 2019 will be one that may bring us hardships we had hoped to avoid.
   Brexit has caused unrest too.
 Refugees galore are hoping for a new life but the global communities are not really set up to cope with the high volume of them.
  I feel rather uncertain about how it can be shaped back to a positive direction. 
How are you coping these days with the current events? Do you see a better outcome? Please do share your point of view.
My post is not a researched one. All is intuition.

Did you know the concept of a nutcracker is centuries old?
Happy Holidays.