Monday, July 4, 2016

Baby Brings Hope

On July 1 it is Canada Day in our country. This year that date took on a whole new dimension for our family as it is now also the birthday of our granddaughter.  Being here in the UK for her delivery was quite an experience. What started off as a routine delivery got a bit more challenging when baby decided to tilt her head up into a star gazing position making it a 2 cm  larger head circumference. Midwife went and got the doctor to see what could be done. With skilled hands the doctor gently turned baby's head to the right position but that brought a slow down in contractions- so hormones were added by a drip until things were upto speed. The team then finished the delivery. Baby's head revealed lots of black hair and then came a long slender body fitting for this wee tyke. There was only one loud scream as she took her first breath and then she settled into nurse's brief clean up centre before her new father got to hold her and then mother and grandma.
Each time a new life comes into our world it feels so miraculous. This baby is one of the fortunate ones as it is born into a seemingly safe environment for now.
For me holding her right in the delivery room was a moment of joy but also a painful realization that in 8 days I'll be 70 and our time together will be special but shorter.
And already it is July 4 and for many of you it is your nation's birthday.
Let's hope the future is not as gloomy as it feels currently for the UK and the US.

PS  Buddy has seen his niece over Facetime and loves that he is her uncle.