Monday, October 17, 2011

Plum Tradition

   Home baking is very much part of my family's tradition and culture. As a child I would be subjected to the delightful aromas of whatever was in the oven on Saturday eve but it was not for consumption till Sunday morning. It was considered bad if you touched the baked goodies before that time. I remember my dad occasionally taking a sampling right after it came from the oven, upsetting my mom by his unwillingness to wait.
   And in time I began to bake too. Around the age of nine I started with little cakes that I would create using my memory and imagination. A few of the tiny creations were actually good enough to present to my dad for his approval. As time went by I became better at creating all sorts of goodies and I loved baking.
   A long time has passed. I cannot count all the recipes I have successfully baked yet a few still remain a family tradition. This Saturday I created a plum cake with streussel topping. By Sunday afternoon not a crumb was left. 

   What's interesting to me is that each time I bake one like this Buddy will tell me my cake tastes just like the ones Omi (my mom) used to make. Although she's been gone for 23 years, her Saturday baking lingers on in our memories as if it was only yesterday that she created those special fragrances. Our memories are often jogged by our senses and connect us to many places and faces. A purple plum is part of my fall time traditions.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


   Once again the festivity of the harvest season is here. The turkey has been purchased and the menu is almost completely planned. Traditionally my girls and hubby do most of the cooking for this event since their college days. Each year brings its own special moments. This year we are fortunate to have summer like weather to make it even more special. Sunshine tends to brighten people's spirits more giving a golden twist to the bounty that we are blessed with.
   And as we give thanks we must be sure to share whatever we can because there are so many who are in need.  Definitely.
   Thanks for being patient with me my blogging friends. I know I have not been around much for three weeks. Much is happening as I race to get my daughter ready for her wedding at the end of this month. You are not forgotten. I shall catch up with reading and commenting as soon as I possibly am able because I cherish your ideas and friendship. You are a part of what I'm thankful for.