Monday, November 29, 2010


This was a great weekend. My hubby's relatives from the US came up to visit over the long weekend. We were so happy to have such a heart warming gathering. Ages four through seventy-six all melted together in fun and joyous celebration. We slept in and stayed up late. Laughter rang throughout the house. I caught hubby reading and singing with his two little grand nieces as if they were his grand kids. He loves them so because they are keen to be with him. And his nieces did so much home cooking for him. It was in over abundance. We gathered around the dining table and quickly spilled over into the living room as we enjoyed every moment. No one was unhappy. Once they departed the house felt less cosy. I'm lucky to have family that can share time, energy and fun!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This scene had me wondering about the interdependence of all life forms and all their entanglements. Old tree trunks bent and twisted are the remaining beauties of a former dairy farm, parts of it having been left as greenland amongst new suburban sprawl. Isn't it a great concept? In this space one can find lots of decaying matter. I am fascinated by all the wild growth intertwined within that space. The best part is I am able to walk there, study it's loveliness while taking in breaths of refreshing cool air. Today I did not go there and a sadness looms in my heart. This morning my eye sight was distorted with drops. Then came the measurements. Finally I was given the news that an implanted lens in my left eye had shifted. It's what's causing some of my recent visual stress so I've been referred back to the surgeon who gave me the implant but with a caution that it might cause the retina too much stress. While it seems it may be possible to realign the lens, I worry because it happens to be the eye that has been saved twice before. Is a third time going to be the undoing of my good fortune? My faith needs to be stronger daily for I am older now. Having had the recent stresses of a house fire and cancer I will have to have much more fortitude to get through another eye 'revision'. 
Entanglement? Quantum physics and much higher maths? How does it apply here?

Friday, November 19, 2010


I sit by a window in the family room to get the maximum light that is available at this time of year. I have my macbook beside me but I'm finding myself too distracted to write anything. This sad event occurs every November. Perhaps it's related to the loss of daylight? Now that the month is past the half way point I hope I shall be improving quickly. Since the holiday spirit, mixed in with the upcoming fun family times, is approaching it'll help me a lot. By December 21 the daylight will in crease and I'll be fine again. I know because it's an annual event. I've experienced many over time.
Smiling into the camera while taking this shot has helped to put some humour back so I took a moment to let you know how it's going for me. My next Tina post is in the works.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday was a brilliant day. It started with a luncheon to induct four disabled persons to a Hall of Fame because of their outstanding contributions. On our way home we got a call from our daughter telling us we has a visitor waiting for us. Tina.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 Today hubby had to go for a routine colonoscopy. He agreed that he would drive to the hospital and once there he would just pull up to the entrance, get out and wait for me to take his drivers' seat to proceed to drive back home until it's time for him to be picked up. The plan seems so basic right? Well it was not to be that easy. Just as we pulled into the driveway at the hospital a service vehicle blocked our path. The driver got out and did some grass maintenance. Already moments late for the 11 am appointment this added to the stress of the procedure. Finally when we were able to move to the building entrance. Hubby just dashed out and headed into the doors while I switched over to take the car controls. The car beeped even after my buckle was secure, a warning, but I continued. My plan was to stop at the grocery store to grab some fresh potatoes. I pulled into a parking spot and was ready to leave the car when I realized a huge oversight. Hubby had run off with the key in his pocket and this car uses keyless technology but the remote 'key' must be within range of the radio system it uses. That meant I could not stop here. I needed a 'key'. I left the parking lot wondering how I could keep the car going while I found the spare key.  Once in our driveway I phoned for my daughter to come out and sit in the running car while I searched. After some scary moments I finally found it. With the key in my pocket I went back into the car, thanked my daughter and parked safely in the garage.  What was the concern? While I was driving from the store a message was flashing at me saying the car's security was being breeched. I was actually driving the car as a potential thief. Shutting the engine off without a key present would have shut the car down for good until a new security code was put in by the dealership. Can you imagine the procedure for that? The tow to the dealer, the wait for the service. And how would I pick poor hubby up??Sometimes technology can present us with some very strange unfamiliar obstacles. The end to this has yet to be written. Hubby is still at the hospital and it's almost time for me to get him. The key is in my pocket. Will the car be confused when two keys appear together?
A security car issue on 09.11 for an 11 am appointment seems a bit wacky.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Armistice Day

The first world war began in 1914. In this photo are two brothers in their different uniforms. I found it in a collection left by a deceased aunt. Could it could be Franz, my grandfather, with Karl or Max? They lived in Aussig, Czechoslovakia at the time. There's nothing written to make it clear. What is clear, is that these fellows were a part of WW1, and once the enemy to many where I now live in Toronto. When we remember the dead and honour them what do we do about the enemies who survived? Historically they remain the enemy. That's in the past.
Friday we stand shoulder to shoulder with survivors from many countries who battled but no longer as enemies, rather as friends.  Yet all will remember the horrors of the wars! 
Armistice Day began in Canada on November 11, 1919 at 11 am with a two minute silence. It was changed to Remembrance Day. Once again we shall make the time to reflect. The day is approaching. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today I am swamped by the elections in the USA. Every station is talking about a change. Since I knew nothing about mid terms I did some searches. While the info helped a bit I wonder how many average Americans understand their complex system? Good luck to the voters. The media has certainly made a point of using it's platform to play with this important event. Does TEA really mean 'taxation elimination advocacy'? Who's doing the math for this? Now I can't wait 'til later to hear what the outcome is.