Friday, May 31, 2013

Lymph Nodes

Taken a day ago, in my spare room where I hang out so I don't disturb hubby I took this photo wearing a new treasure. I treated myself to a couple of new outfits with the help of Buddy because I have lost weight very fast as a result of the cancer invading my lymph node system and I have to take serious measures to control that.
    Much of my days I feel tired and achy but I have had a few good ones and I use those to keep house chores in line. I have hired help for big cleaning but with Buddy's skin dropping constantly from his spots of psoriasis there are daily needs to keep up a tidy place.
    Tuesday is my next colonoscopy to see how that looks. UGH!! Citromag and liquid prep(: Grrrrrrrr But the doc insists. So does hubby. In fact he's having his as well so daughter will come and watch over us for a night and entertain Buddy of course.
    Today has been my best day yet this month and I took the time to let you know I think of you , miss you and pray you'll stay with me.
Some of you are emailing me and I get those on my phone. That's so caring and cheers me up a lot! you are so kind.
Please do continue if you feel you can and those who haven't do join me in my quest to best this. Prayers are welcome too:)
Positive energy is so special and healing too!

PS I also keep stuff on my photo blog about Buddy and so forth. The link is above.