Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's raining.
This summer the rain is not letting up to give a sunny weekend.
I'm not sure if we've even had one total rainless one yet. It poured during the night. Then the day was cloudy. Now it's raining some more. I may go to Montanas for a tasty supper.Like most I like an excuse to dine out.
It's fun!
I've spent the day reading articles on my laptop.  Email was down all day. I experience it a lot.Not sure if the rain can be blamed though.
Likely my setup isn't very secure.
Something to work on when it's sunny!!!
Being a  retired teacher, I often miss that very busy time that was so exciting and stimulating. When personal computers arrived ten years into my career I had to learn some basics that I could teach.
The 80's were definitely a challenge for the average classroom teacher. The curriculum kept increasing.
Yet as I look back I recall all the enjoyment and fulfilment.
The rainy days were always the best.
It was a time to move from the traditional tasks.
Creative versions allowing ways to present content using drama, music, games or visual art were fostered.
Great days those rainy days!
A positive learning environment generated by showing respect each member of the class was paramount. All individuals are an important part of the learning process.
We are all students and we all are teachers. Learning is an ongoing process.
Sharing ideas and understanding helps build self-worth. Friendships and bonds appear.
Rainy days became the most favourite time to share.
No regular routines. Time for the enhancement of material.
Rainy days were always a welcome hit.
Leadership skills developed as all were taking turns to manage the new events.
Attendance was high. Snacks were shared as we stayed indoors. Rain kept us there.
And the class controlled itself. There was respect and generosity.
Many great stories evolved on those rainy days!
Laughter, movement and fun. Learning at its best.
Everyone took an active part. The classroom was a lively place.
I miss those days.
It's still raining Kleinste Motte.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Stormy Eve

In less than three minutes more than 6 hundred buildings were ruined. Trucks overturned. Cars crushed.
Trees uprooted or snapped like twigs. All because of two powerful raging funnels!
The TV show was interrupted for a severe weather warning.
A funnel was fast approaching.
Advice to take cover. I'd heard warnings before and ignored this one.
Moments later more warnings.
Still not responsive. The third warning caught my attention. A tornado!!
It had just ravaged through a nearby conservation park. An onsite day camp had hurt youngsters. One fatality!
Why? Oh Noooo... I thought. Camp isn't supposed to be unsafe.
Panic-like feelings began to gnaw at me. I was feeling very uncomfortable.
Something about the air around me felt very eerie. Daylight vanished as the dark clouds invaded the afternoon sky. As darkness grew, I got my small emergency radio/flashlight out of storage. I tuned it to a local station.
Warnings. More warnings.
An update of the location of the storm and to take cover.
"Head for a basement", a voice said. I started pacing. Undecided. Unsure.
At the window I peered out to uncover why it was so eerie outside.
An unusual darkness.
Rain pellted. Wind howled. A strange atmosphere!
My gut let me know it was NOW time to move quickly. Grabbing my necessities; radio, cell phone, water bottle, purse and a folding chair, I headed to the cellar.
It was even darker. I switched on a light.
Then nestled in my chair in a corner, I retuned the radio.
Moments later the storm was just two blocks away. Richmond Hill.
Rain began to pelt harder.Then suddenly all changed.
Stillness, darkness.  The atmosphere that was very foreboding.
Beep! Signal drop. My cell phone lost its signal. A fear crpet over me.
My stomach burned. My breathing faltered. Silence...
Silence that was so eerie and so brief!
Beep! The signal returned. The light was back.
And just as quickly the sky became less gloomy.
How fast it was all happening! Frightful!
As the darkness gave way to light I breathed sighs of relief.
I took several big breaths.
Then I waited a bit to be sure it was safe to go back upstairs.
The radio announced Vaughan had been hit.The storm had changed its course. It was heading to the downtown area.
I climbed up the celler stairs. What might I find?
Something had changed. The atmosphere.
A feeling of calm.
I felt more at ease. I walked over to the living room window.
The street was so covered by water, no curbs were visible.
I scanned the neighbourhood.. All intact. Spared.
The funnel did not touch down right here.
Although I like showers there are moments when rain becomes a storm.
Storms are different. They are dangerous.
Tornados are the worst!!!
Kleinste Motte it's stopped raining.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Donner und Blitzen,                
Sturm und Panick                      
Kleinste Motte!                      

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A brief shower

The deck is wet.
The lawn chairs are wet.
The cushions are dripping because there was a shower this afternoon.
The noon weather reported sunshine downtown but here it just rained again!
Today the rain led me to try more blogging.
First I edited my earlier attempts. My skills are so weak.
It's good that editing is possible. Maybe I'll improve ?
The rain refreshed me and I was able to refresh my blogs.
Not bad,eh?
The sun has come.
The deck is drying Kleinste Motte.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The next rainy day

There's rain today too.
It's intermittent. Some are questioning when it will end.
No summer so far and too much rain .
Really??Droplets hit my window pane.
I key.Blogging is way more complex than I thought.
The editing, the following, the wish to be noticed. Social networking .
Will friendship evolve from a blog?
All to be discovered in my case. Nothing in my life is ever easy. Challenges seem to find me more than others. That's just the way it is . So?
Pitter, splatter. I hear it.I reflect.
I miss the teaching days.Indoor recess in August ?
Not many folks are in classrooms just now.
It rains.  I reflect.
Campsites. Most campers are not keen about rain. Wet tents. Soggy kindling resisting match after match. Campfires smoldering.. Rain... Camps...
Guide Camp the summer I turned 13. My parents sent me to Doe Lake.
Their birthday present was their visit! Great!
That was before the rain came. Rain..
Wet canvas, soggy sleeping bags, damp firewood.
Still, I enjoyed my time at camp. I went back several times.
Though challenging, the rain was fun for me.
Rain at camp. Fresher, sweeter air.
Water droplets dripping off canvas walls,
onto my hair, my face, my lips, my back, my skin!
Soaked but refreshed and so happy!
WET through and through and very happy.
Kleinste Motte, I love the rain.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's raining today

It's raining today.
It started just as I began keyying this blog.
This will be my first blog and I wonder where it will take me.
For a long time I've wanted to share my rainy day adventures but I couldn't figure out a way.
But on Friday I went to see the opening matinee of the film Julie and Julia and watched the character
Julie Powell blog her way through Julia Child's cookbook. The film
cleverly depicts her setting up her blog step by step. What fun!
And the rain scene was fantastic. That's when it clicked. 
I got it. I could blog!! How awesome. How exciting.
Rain is a definite link for me.
I love how everything smells so fresh after a rainfall.
It's sensual fragrances has rendered many commercial air fresheners. 
How sweet is that, eh? Follow me as I learn to blog.
I feel refreshed and optimistic. 
It's still raining KleinsteMotte.