Saturday, March 29, 2014


   Guantanamera is a familiar song by José Fernández of the 1960's that folks relate to Cuba and the Spanish. Over time it has been recorded by many artists. But there is something touching when one sits in a bar or a lounge in a Cuban resort and local artists come along with their old instruments to entertain you and cheer you along.
Hubby loved the song so much he asked this group to play it a second time so he could really enjoy the moment and they did. And when it ended the entire lounge area was applauding and cheering.
What I loved is the genuine passion the people show for their art skills. How hard they try to please any soul. They are worthy of praise.

The people of this small country were oppressed by the regime that was imposed on them. Since tourism has become a major source of much needed income for the nation the people are working so very hard to make their customers happy and I must say Buddy and I feel very content and safe in their homeland. Years ago I swore I'd never go to their place but something has changed in me. I now see the need for all people to try to have a fairer chance at a life they choose for themselves and if we both benefit then it's a winner for all.
These above artists are just the tip of the bigger more spectacular entertainment that the Cubans now offer at most resorts.
They are using international material and creating some amazingly well choreographed productions with a variety of dance styles that even include the latest things we are seeing on our dance reality shows!
They work hard in the heat of the afternoon to ensure the evening show will please the crowds and on this trip the theatre was filled each night.
What was a bit sad was that some of the audience members lacked the knowledge of proper audience behaviour and carried on noisy conversations throughout. It seemed so disrespectful for those on stage and those wishing to show respect. 
In this picture you'll see a ballerina in a white next to one in a black tutu  on the left stage as they dance to the famous Swan Lake piece but the piece is fancied up with hip hop dudes in bright gear that flip and tumble amongst the ballet dancers in precision and charm.
Truly fantastic!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

War Games?

The Paralympic games are over shadowed by some serious political unrests in the world and it is worrisome. While Buddy may appear handicapped he is very much a part of current events and watches news as avidly as sports and the weather forecast.
He joins in taking pride in how he participates by opting for some of the dress items made available and by watching and cheering for the teams or individuals he chooses to support. And as he sees the physically challenged do their sport he comments on how hard their event must be for them.  Though I am beside him and cheering along as well, I have now got to be careful not to spill out that I am afraid of the issues looming over the fact that once again there is speculation about deadly outcomes over boundaries and cultures. 
This current flareup has me on high alert. My father fought the Russians against his will all thanks to a tyrant who took over his country in the last war.  His stories along with what I learned in history classes make me feel so vulnerable. 
What happens if war breaks out again?
I live in a country where immigrants in the past suffered gravely once sides were drawn. Citizenship didn't matter. Birth place did.
Have any new rules been laid down that will ensure my citizenship, my freedom in my chosen democratic country?
The whole picture in my head of how ugly the new affair could become in a city as multicultural as the one I live in makes Rob Ford of Toronto making a name for himself claiming than he's running a city appear more wicked than harmless. Sides have clearly been drawn both for and against for the man and his ego around the world just to capture votes for re election in his home town. Is his irrational behaviour is being over looked? Will he bully using his weird charm to get to where he wants to be? Scary ideas fill my mind.
While the games now being played in Sochi are for the athletes there are some serious hidden games being played in the background and at the same time. They centre around the idea of acquisition by taking and bullying to grab land. People are forced to take sides.
Bullying is a theme that has become a norm of late and it is just getting more and more powerful with the help of all the new gadgets we thought would make living better and more secure. We have created the opposite.
Are these Olympics being used as a distraction for political gains?
War games are serious. I am fearful of their spread globally. And Buddy does see the news but he has not studied history in great depth so he cannot see himself in any danger yet. 
Can this possible war game be tied so we can all win? So far it looks rather grim as the bullies march on swiftly to achieve their goals. When Buddy see the tanks rolling he questions,
"Why do they do that?"
I answer him with,
"Let's hope for peace and no war for hose folks."
But I am not so certain hope will work. 
Prayers ??
Whose side is God on?
We all loose when there is blood shed.