Wednesday, December 25, 2013


   Today Buddy was our family Santa. He wore the cap and carefully picked up each package, read the tag and passed it to the recipient.
He was most happy to be doing this. For days he's been telling me he feels like there's a spirit of Santa in him. He even described to me that he felt as though there was a hologram of Santa in his head. I asked him what he meant by that. 
He laughed,
 "Well, it's a 3D Santa. Don't you know about holograms? I learned about that at the Science Centre at the laser show and it was fun. I love my Santa in my head."
  It made me think back to my childhood. I recalled having my own images of a Santa. And I suppose those of us who have been a part of that culture with Santa in it, we have all had our own images and dreams over time. Recall all the drawings, stories and movie versions that we are surrounded with and that have sprung forth from creative imaginations.
  We hope you are having special times with your loved ones at this festive time too.
                           MERRY CHRISTMAS

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Faith in Magical Events

  It is a very magical time now! All around us people are decorating their homes with pretty lights and wreaths. And the malls are bursting with shoppers making it tough for us to find a parking spot. But Buddy loves to be out and about so when the weather is a bit too cool a mall is where he wants to be for our walks.
  We went the other day after our first snowfall because we wanted to buy a few gifts. As we strolled along we hit the spot where parents and little kids line up to visit with Santa who sat perched in a big chair for those photo ops. Buddy walked over to the fence that surrounded this area and pulled out his brand new iPone 5C that he had purchased two days earlier to capture his favourite friend of the season. As he did so something very special happened.
  I captured this by grabbing his iPhone from him. Seems this Santa was too special to overlook. As Santa saw Buddy's keen interest in his presence he must have noticed Buddy has a disability. Without warning this Santa decided to forget about all the lined up small kids and walked straight towards Buddy who exclaimed,
  'Wow Santa is so magical!"
Santa was soon at Buddy's side and said to him,
  "I think you have been very good."
 Then he handed us each a candy cane and assured Buddy this Christmas would be awesome again before he headed back to his big chair to greet the tots waiting in line. I wondered how the parents were feeling. I hope for their sake it was a positive moment because that's what makes this time of the year so magical and fills many of us with wonder and hope despite other sorrows we may have to deal with.
   That Santa has the true spirit of the joy for this festive time and Buddy more than ever loves his magical ways even though he knows we buy the gifts. 
  Buddy is so inspirtational. At 40 he gets it better than many folks I know! I get to share his amazing insightful comments. He's a very bright man. But he refuses to give up those things that made his youth very magical and happy.
  Do you have a special moment similar this to share? Buddy would be thrilled and so would I to hear from you.
  How do you like Buddy's hat? He's very fashion aware and knows hats are in.