Friday, February 18, 2011

The Connection

My dear fellow bloggers,
  Art is blogging again so go check out his latest post where you can learn first hand how things are going and to find a special thanks for the support you gave.
  Since I posted that you pray and support him a few wonderful things are also happening at my end. Divine intervention? Believers or skeptics? Free will, right?
  Yesterday we received a purchase offer for our fire wrecked house. We've decided to sell 'as is' so we can move forward. We are accepting the offer. Rebuilding has become too stressful at our age. There's too much involved in the hiring and the supervision of a reconstruction worksite.
   Then on that very same day we heard from our lawyer. There may be a resolution in the works for our insurance claim sometime this June. Yeah!! It'll be three years on March 6th since the fire event. Closure is long overdue. I'm praying that it will finally come to a conclusion.
   When it's settled we hope to buy a smaller place, maybe a condo near a big park with a pond. Buddy and I love walking and cycling in a natural setting. Winter will be over soon. Time to enjoy the nicer weather in a new location. HOPEFULLY.
              Here's a family moment so you can see hubby's pride and joy.
  Today hubby is 71 and we're going to celebrate by dining out.  Buddy is happy because it's a birthday party and he loves to eat out. We'll meet up with the extended family. The new bride, my niece, is in town from Winnipeg and we'll get a chance to catch up. Can't wait.
   Our tattoo artist is at my side. Buddy's with the bride and tall groom. Hubby's with his 'geek', our writer... He's a happy dude who enjoys a cigar now and then. Tonight might be one of those thens.....

Monday, February 14, 2011


On Saturday Buddy got to come with us to a client's party. It was held at the Renaissance Hotel and he was allowed to share our room. "Wow" is the expression he uttered when we entered room 450 and he discovered it faced directly into the Rogers Stadium where he'd watched the Blue Jays play. The windows are designed to open to get the full stadium effect of a game from the luxury of this room. Costly? Usually very! But this weekend's  'turf repair' event didn't draw the regular crowd. Hence the room was a mere $139, a steal compared to a more regular whopper at $1390.
                    But for Buddy this stay was priceless.

Buddy enjoyed a little dancing in the party room. He loved the music and the fancy lighting design that was created by just using a laptop's itunes and some powerful speakers.
He smiled when the Sunday morning room service that hubby treated us to came. We enjoyed our moments together before heading home.
It was a weekend filled with lots of  heartfelt love.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art's View

Today a fellow blogger's post gave me a start. Just last week I sent him an email asking if all was okay because I had not seen anything new for a bit. Now I know why. 
We can all use a bit of encouragement when life sends us a curve ball so I encourage you to visit his post There he describes his sudden, very recent massive heart attack. He posted from his hospital room where he's awaiting by-pass surgery in the next few days. Kindly send Art some prayers and love. Even better, become a new follower :) :0) :D
PS You may also want to take a peek at his son Al's post. I think he's very worried about his dad.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


There is much in the media these days that has me wondering if the new social networking will help bring about the democratic change that some are hoping for. With the uprises in the Arab nations lately, I wonder if much thought of how to achieve it was at the heart of it? Having been held at gun point by a Saudi, I can tell you first hand that fear is powerful. I did not fight back. I submitted to the man with the weapon.

There are many images of mostly men in the streets. As the revolution unfolds I hear talk of "our sons" from the Arab speakers. Are there no daughters? Why do we see mostly men in the demonstrations? Are the women afraid? Or are they forbidden by their family leaders from protesting for freedom? My guess is that fear has made them submit.

Too bad. If only there were as many women as men. That would really be revolutionary. Fear has no place in this revolution. Brave women are necessary. Will they overcome their fear and join in? Then maybe it might be less brutal?