Friday, May 25, 2018

Tough Changes

    This May we had the opportunity to see two operas. Getting downtown with hubby is now a challenge. We took public transit for the first one,The Nightingale, which was magnificently done. It has made world fame as the current COC production added much technology and added a real poo fulll of real water into the orchestra pit. (There are Youtube videos showing how it was done)  Buddy was fascinated by the puppets used by the singers and the dragons fighting in the water. All was spectacular. Hubby who loves opera fell asleep in all of this. It was just too much for him to take in.
   A week later we went to see Anna Bolene, a version of the story of Anne Boleyn, mother of Elizabeth l, wife of Henry Vlll who had her beheaded. To get to the opera hubby insisted on taking the car to the performance hall but he took a wrong exit so I had to help him find an alternate. Luckily he was in the mood to follow my directions. Often  now he refuses. The opera was spectacular  
but a rather traditioal tragic one. Hubby had tears in his eyes when Elizabeth was taken from her mother's arms who was  to be sent to her fate.
    For the Mother's Day weekend I booked two plays at our Stratford Festival with an over night stay in town. We left Friday happy and seemingly on the right path but it eventually became apparent hubby had missed an exit and we ended up at a gas station in Woodstock way off our course. While he went for a washroom visit I quickly set up my iPhone to find the fastest route to Stratford from our current location. Luckily the gas station he choose was at the foot of route 59 leading us to our hotel if we headed north on it. When hubby got into the car he wanted to go back to the exit he missed but it was tricky to get back onto his road. I engaged the voice that prompted him how to go using the phone and he began to follow that. He was led onto route 59 HA!   He stopped wanting his original route.  Soon he saw signs to Stratford and was calm again. We were at the Hotel two hours later than planned  had we taken the right exit I opted to enjoy the scenic rural setting as we drove along.
  Checkin was a breeze and Buddy always loves hotels. He was excited. I made a dinner reservation for a lovely preshow meal and we enjoyed the food but had included dessert packed for after he show to be enjoyed before bedtime.
   The first performance we saw was Music Man the musical. Being seated in row D in the centre had us feeling we were in the action. It was light hearted and fun. Hubby roared with laughter at some points. 
   Back at our hotel the stay had moments of hubby being rude and easily angered but we got to sleep despite the fuss. Dessert was cherry pie and pecan pie , both homemade and scromptious  before retiring.
   The next day we were to checkout by noon. Hubby came and went. He was restless. I got us ready and signed out. As we put our bags into the car hubby said get in. He had decided he wanted to see shops in town but had no clue of what he wanted so I requested he drop Buddy and I off at the theatre where we'd have lunch before the two pm performance of The Tempest. He give in. He parked at the theatre and we each went our way. Buddy and I bought a few gifts and enjoyed the outdoor gardens until show time. We met up with hubby in our seating area.
  This year our directors of the festival have taken a bold new direction  by making changes in the gender of leading roles. Prospero was played by a well known female in this production and I found it quite acceptable. There was also a lot of 3D stuff like moving huge monsters and thunderstorm effects that had me jumping. Clearly the point of change was tp appeal to audiences now used to lots of visual dramatic effects enjoyed in movies and video games. And judging by the younger audience I think for now the approach is working..
   After the show our car trip home was smooth and direct. However, the moodiness of hubby remained unpredictable.
  I share all this just three days before I fly alone to UK for the birth of grabdbaby two. Excited but also rather tense about the upcoming weeks because Buddy and hubby are to live together for two weeks and hubby and Buddy now run into conflicts. And they have to mange getting to their flight on their own. I have prepared their documents and Budd’s travel bags but hubby is not so keen to be ready before I leave.
    All I can do is hope for the best Changes can be worrisome..
 MY eyesight continues to decline but I refuse to stop enjoying each day due to  tension and annoyances both pushing for changes. I must be positive. i must find little joys in all of the coming events.

PS    When I comment I now make typos but once I click send they remain. I try to catch them but hey you know me now. My eyes struggle but I refuse to give up my passion of sharing for now.
PPS   Googgle's upcoming changes may make our blog shares harder. Who knows? Just be sure to back up your blogs soon. Don’t loose them.