Thursday, September 29, 2011


For the first time I found it harder than usual to get back on my feet after the dope they used to relax me for the recent procedure. I developed a nasty headache on the right side of my skull that opted to pound and throb until about 2 hours ago. Finally I was able to make the effort to get outdoors with Buddy. We had a lovely stroll collecting some pretty colorful leaves. We enjoy our walks together. This one helped me to clear the last dopiness out of my system. Tomorrow I will get back to wedding plans.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It's 7:47 and I'm sitting in the waiting area awaiting my 8:45 procedure. I've got the IPod on my iPhone set to Susan Boyle as I sit here typing. She's singing 'I Dreamed a Dream' and for the first time in my life I'm awaiting a hospital event in total cal
and peace. This feeling of calm has been with me since my walk on Sunday. You can see a lovely photo on my other blog. Soon I shall be drugged and dreaming. I'll post again when I recover. Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Plans galore

   My daughter's wedding day has been set for October 29, 2011. Those of you whose children have married know what lies ahead. I'm just learning. Yesterday we went to see a lovely place called Sunnybrook Estates for the reception venue. The location is gorgeous and we were lucky to be able to get the nicest hall, actually the entire main floor, at a special price since someone has an afternoon function until 5 and we do not need the place till 7 that evening. Sitting there with my daughter while listening to all the options of place settings, meal and beverage choices, photographers, DJs, etc. I began to have a twinge of "how will I cope?"
   With the paper work in our hands to be reviewed by the man who holds the purse strings before the contract is signed and with so little time, all things will need to be worked out very fast. From the Estates we headed for Bayview Mall, a rather high end group of shops where my daughter picked out a lovely pair of fall boots to wear right away since the fall weather has arrived and it was cool and rainy. We also stopped for a late lunch that included a shared custard slice for extra sugar!
  Next we searched around for floral inspirations and came up with a lovely non conventional centre piece idea, a small arrangement of plants potted that guests could take home after the event. Cut flowers have such a short life. This seems to be a more green solution.
   Tired we came home for a short rest. Next was to be the trip to the jewellers to order the groom's ring. During my rest period I heard my two girls talking. Good news. I would not have to go out again. They were going together and by 9 pm they walked in beaming. The ring would be ready for pick up on October 15. While they were gone, I was on the phone calling various family members across N.A. to see who would be coming so I could prebook hotel space for them.
   Did I forget to mention that my SUV decided to have a fit? It wouldn't start in the morning. CAA came to the rescue. They did a test that determined an electrical issue was causing some short, hence the loss of battery power. A service appointment was promptly booked.
   For today the hope is to try to get the van started without a boost, go for pre colonoscopy blood work at the hospital, drop the van off at the service centre, rent a car and shop for a wedding outfit for the bride and brides' maids. Hectic times are here. I woke up at 4:15 am and decided I had time to read a few blogs and write this since I am wide awake. Normally I sleep until about 7 am but I guess my over active brain will keep me up more in the coming weeks. Still I'm so happy that I am here to be a part of it all. I often wondered if I would get this chance of a lifetime and now it's here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


 Our trip to one of the oldest establishments in America was a huge success. It started on Thursday with a drive to Buffalo to catch a Jet Blue flight to Boston and although there was a short delay because of storms on the east coast, the moment we landed the clouds lifted. We had beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures the whole time there.
  A fitting finale, this moonlight sunset of the bay was taken the eve before our departure. We spent our days touring and learning many historical things about the area and the development of New England and the states. 
  Being in the US over the 9/11 weekend gave us a glimpse of the seriousness of security measures implemented all around the city to ensure safety for all. And we met tourists from around the world along our way, all delighted to be visiting this educational hub boasting 52 higher learning institutions that attract top students from around the globe in droves each September. We took some time to tour MIT and Harvard just to get a glimpse of these institutions.
  Though brief we truly enjoyed our stay more than we had anticipated.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Flight

Heading to Boston today for a 5 day mini holiday so blogging will be on hold for a bit. Buddy is very excited to be coming along since he'll be meeting up with his cousin who just had his first son.

Friday, September 2, 2011


  Yesterday I decided it was time to sort through some boxes containing stuff saved after our house fire. The main reason for this undertaking was to find old documents and family history stuff. My trip to my aunt rekindled my passion for putting my past into some sort of order for the girls.
   After an entire day all I managed to get to was a box with papers  my parents had kept about the hardship of their emigrating, the leaving of two children behind until they felt more secure in their newly chosen city. Many letters were written back and forth to our caregivers and I spent hours reading rather than sorting.
   Their writing weaves a history that had me spell bound and wondering how I missed this material completely in past years. Now I shall attempt to collate some of their letters into some sort of timeline. Who knows what else I might discover along this undertaking? 
   For example I discovered some letters and flight documents so my brother and me could to get into Canada including parental pleas to KLM to ensure that we would make the journey safely. We were to travel alone and there were numerous stops and plane changes along the way. 
   This led me to recalled that voyage. I was merely eight and Roli six at the time. Early in the month of October my grandpa and aunties dressed us in warm clothes for the flight. Then we were off to the local airport. Grandpa got to take us up into the plane, handing us over to the staff who also got our travel documents. (I guess it didn't occur to him that he ought to have made us travel pouches to be worn around our necks.) After hugs he had to get off leaving us to whoever was in charge. The first leg of our trip was a short flight to Amsterdam where we were to board the bigger trans Atlantic machine (as huge as they were back in 1954).
   I recall the thrill of the take off. My brother had the window seat because he was smaller and I could see over him. Soon puffs of cloud that looked like white cotton candy to me appeared. Then not knowing their scientific make up I just imagined them as pillows holding us up! Ha!
   The landing that followed made our tummies tickle a lot. Roli and I giggled. We just loved this better than any carousal ride we'd been on. Upon landing we were escorted to a waiting area and told that our next flight would be in about two hours. What a long boring time it was! We couldn't understand the language of those trying to entertain us. And when the time came we couldn't board the huge plane. Seems whoever was in charge of our papers passed on our tickets but not our passports! I could sense that something was really bothering the staff around us. They did tell us that they would fix it but it would take a bit of time. For Roli and I it just meant an extremely boring and very long wait. Eight hours later the next flight would take off with us assuming our passports would show up. Forty-five minutes before take off they remained missing. 
   But then someone ran up to us, grabbed us and whisked us to the ramp of a very large plane where we were handed over to the cabin staff. They must have found our passports. I bet this staff would have been very careful not to misplace them!
  Our seats were close to the galley so the staff could keep us busy and keep an eye on us. Soon the engines roared and we taxied, lifted off in the dark heading towards Glascow. There we landed but stayed in the cabin. Others got on. Another take off into the night. The moon shone but down below it remained totally dark. We were told it was the ocean. Scary ideas went through my mind briefly. I didn't know how to swim. 
   The plane carried on, it's engines roaring and lulling us into brief naps. We dared not sleep deeply. As daylight appeared, Roli and I were given a tour of the cockpit and met the captain. I was impressed by all the staff. In fact I recall thinking maybe I would grow up and be a stewardess.
   Finally it was time to land again. We had arrived in Canada, in Gander Newfoundland where immigration was done. I don't recall exactly how but I think we went into some rooms where the documents were reviewed, accepted and stamped. Some small card was added into the passport. Immigration was completed. It was time to board the same plane again. Yet again take off was delayed. The health examiner discovered someone had broken out in a rash and we all had to be examined. Roli and I passed the test. One mother and her child were off loaded while the father and second child had to continue on. It kind of upset me. I knew how it felt to be separated from a parent. I was on my way to be reunited with mine after 8 months of separation but this trip was taking so very long.
    The final stop for the big KLM machine was Montreal. From there we had to be transferred to a Toronto flight. But of course an other issue arose. We has missed our connecting flight. Apparently one did not get put onto a later flight automatically when this happens. There was even a fee needed to carry on and since we were just kids what could we do to fix that?
   Our KLM captain came to our rescue. He pleaded on our behalf stating that an issue in Amsterdam began the snowball effect that could not be blamed on the child passengers. He managed to convince the Trans Canada Airline to put us on the next available flight to Toronto. More waiting. Then one more short haul on a smaller plane before it was all over. We had left on the tenth and didn't arrive till the twelfth.
   Close to twenty four hours late, our parents had no clue where we were and why we had not yet arrived at their airport. Seems they had quite a hair raising experience, one that included fears of us being kidnapped. Recall that back then information travelled very slowly. Telegraphy was used to spread news fast. Phones were too expensive and long distance was a novelty for the very rich I believe.
    Once our parents got the good news that we were nearly in Toronto they were very happy to pick us up from Malton Airport. We had had a long journey, a memorable one with a happy ending.