Sunday, November 17, 2019

Half a Century

   The months this year seem to fly by faster than ever. I have found it harder to blog but thought I’d try a short summary today. Halloween has been followed by our anniversary for 50 years. This year we decided to make a fuss by having a family gathering in Barcelona but it was not to be. On October 24 and 26th I spent hours in ER with hubby as he developed a fever and terrible pain and swelling in his scrotum area on the left side. It is somewhat of a serious problem so hubby was attended to fairly quickly with a pain killer injection and placed an IV lead into his arm for further follow up. Soon came an ultra sound. It was suspected he had developed an infection in the left testicle and the ultra sound suggested that may be the cause of his misery so they began with administration  of strong antibiotics and some fluids via the IV. And when all the bags were empty and his fever was down we were sent home with meds and follow up procedures. We were told hubby would not be fit to fly for some time. So Barcelona had to be cancelled. Then on October 26th we were back in ER as hubby was dehydrated from not being able to keep oral meds down. He needed an adjustment in order to improve. Again he got IV meds and was hydrated by IV. He was also xrayed in abdominal area as they felt he was suffering from something pushing on his belly, likely an accumulation of stool matter. Once confirmed a laxative was ordered to be taken at home. We set to go after another IV dose of antibiotic and more hydration. At home hubby took half of a bottle of citromag to get things moving. I also had to feed him gravol along with strong pain med and strong cipro antibiotic. Luckily it all began to work and after two more days his level of comfort was more tolerable. The ER doctor told us this could take anywhere from a month to six months to clear as it was in the prostrate and bladder too. Seems it had been in the works for some time.
   On November first I arranged a tiny gathering of family and friends to be held at our club. They let us use the library for cocktails and a small meeting room for a sit down dinner. We blamed up both rooms with banners and other golden sparkly stuff. I brought three photo albums for people to share and my sister and daughter made up a playlist of music going back 50 years to now that they put on over Bluetooth speakers. 
   Hubby was able to attend with aid of pain killers and he gave a lovely opening at the dinner table before the meal. He was very touched by the event’s elegance and let guests know how our union had changed his entire family life and with years he thanked me for always being there for him. Of course I followed his lead by remarking how my world was enriched thanks to him and his family. It was followed by my SIL who was at our wedding and she added humour by telling hubby he had done well to survive at my side. Her joke did not come lightly for she has been widowed twice. My brother was killed in an accident 41 years ago. She remarried and sadly five years ago her partner died from lung failure. I admired her for remaining in our family life with her second husband. Families can be so special if there is love and respect.
   On November 11th my daughter brought her family to stay six days with us since we would not be together in Spain. Right now the wee grandkids are racing around downstairs as I type. It has been a bitter sweet visit as hubby continues to sleep throughout each day. Today we will have lunch with cousins and this eve they will fly back to UK. And we will continue on striving to help hubby get better again. The specialist appointment is on November 26, the same day as my eye specialist appointment. My vision continue to weaken but my heart is full of hope and love. 
   Take care my friends till I try posting around Christmas time. I hope you are well . I still am only able to comment on some blogs, not all thanks to Google. I do read your posts and share with Buddy.