Sunday, February 2, 2014


  Our backyard furniture gives an indication of how much snow has fallen in the past little while. 
    January was brutal with lots of snow and this first weekend of February is no different. Buddy and I have shovelled both days and there was a lot of it to move. The snow ploughs love to block in the driveways and add to the burden. However this was a happy time for we frolicked around a bit and tried to have fun moments in that white powder. 
   Buddy healed fast from his surgery in early January so we were able to spend some time away in the Caribbean sun from the 22nd to the 29th. It was the best time we've spent together thus far. We both returned revitalized and full of positive feelings.
   My rosy cheeks are from being out in the snow and the tan gives my face a healthy glow I think. This photo is from today. Notice my many glasses so I can read and type this. Hopefully tomorrow that will change for I'm off to the eye surgery in the morning and I'm actually excited in a pleasant way. I'm very hopeful. Once it's over and the outcome is good I'll be back more regularly.  
   Did you enjoy the Superbowl? I hear roars and whistles from the family room as the game plays on. But I'm off to meditate and prepare for the early morning after posting this.
  Hope you are keeping well at your end too.