Sunday, February 9, 2020


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Friday, February 7, 2020

A New UK EU Era

   Last night I watched some people in UK celebrate the exit from EU like a New Years Eve event in some cases. In other areas it was really negative as the people had wanted to remain in EU. 
   Democracy while it allows some degree of say over events it also means that the minority group, the defeated, now have to be brave and deal with their disappointment. 
   For the next eleven months most people will see minor changes as UK and EU now try to figure out dealing with borders for both travel and trade. The Eurostar train travel once linked two EU nations but as of midnight that is no longer so. Those in EU travel seamlessly from one EU nation to another. Now UK will perhaps no longer have it so Easy.?
    It is hard to envision how it will work. Entering from UK to EU and reverse may be similar to us Canadians entering the EU. We are cleared at our first point of entry where the passport is entered along with reason for entry is cleared we are free to move around inside the EU countries. But if you travel to Switzerland from EU then you need to clear a passport check point and change currency. That seems an easy transition but trade is a whole other issue. And in question are EU workers in UKd UK workers in EU. They did not require work permits just valid EU documentation. now what?
   This is such a simplistic view of a very basic part of the huge change. The truth is that so much legal stuff has to happen to shuffle all that was once in place for trade and commerce it will be costly as fees are always part of the legal process. I wonder why people worry about Harry and Meghan expenses when there are much higher liabilities yet to come. Can the tax system bear it? 
   Good luck. Knowing there is opposition from Scotland and a divided Ireland I cannot begin to imagine how it will all work out for all.
   I Have family in UK as well  as EU and Switzerland. i was in London Area in June 2016 the day the Brexit vote was a yes. And it was a time when my first grandchild was born. She has UK passport and a Canadian one. Both parents do too. 

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