Saturday, June 25, 2016


I cannot begin to tell you how my heart sank when SIL entered my room early yesterday and announced we're out! Oh my goodness what have the small majority of Brits done? Nations around the globe are reeling in disbelief as am I.
I feel the new tech savy younger folks were wise to vote no. It seems the older population went for yes possibly because they are just not getting the point that one cannot turn the clock back and live a simpler homegrwn life while incomes are now generated on an international playing field.
As for all being better for Brits? Not likely. Scotland voted to remain in UK because of EU ties and now that has gone sour. Scots want to stay in EU so guess what's next?
A split? Another referendum?
The shape of UK as we have known it may well become further fragmented leaving it vulnerable to many issues with trade and security since costs will be higher as they fumble to make new agreements and cancel old ones. Those who voted no have managed to get it all messed up for seemingly few benefits.
For me this democratic process went terribly wrong. And it is likely a lesson the folks in the US as their November elections draw near. A power shift seems to be coming. A weaker Western world appears to be forming. A divide is happening according to my instincts.
Do not blame Wall Street or those who have managed to keep wars from your shores. Something else is going on. Even if Clinton gets in it will be a very tough term as powers shift around the globe.
I sense a new order heading our way. It feels to me like our whole economic, medical, technical, agricultural and educational intitutions are in for a major overhaul. Our current systems will not house nor feed future generations and the youth know it.
I wonder how you "see" all this my friends?

P.S. Baby has yet to appear and no wonder eh? Buddy and hubby are missing me now for two weeks have gone by since I departed.
P.P.S. My hubby's eldest brother passed away June 23.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


My time in the UK has put me here to witness the arrival of the grandchild and it is taking it's time. Today I get to be smack in the middle of a national referendum on leaving the EU. Brexit voting is today. My hope is that wisdom will prevail for it is far better in this new global world economy and structuring of nations to be part of a larger group. Smaller portions of nations have historically been run agroud over the centuries. It would be sad if UK put itself into jeopardy now. Nations need to be more united and solve bigger issues as a whole unit. As world populations rise so will the struggle for water and food. One has to face facts. If I could vote I would choose no without hesitation.
We'll see soon enough what the locals will decide.
P.S. Buddy and I chat via Facetime daily and he also likes the status quo concept.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


  On Saturday I flew across the Atlantic by myself. I was a bit nervous but the journey was quiet pleasant. Sleep was hard to get as the staff waited 90 minutes just to serve us a snack before dimming the lights for the night flight. Two hours later they started serving a warm breakfast and then we waited another 90 minutes till the landing at Gatwick in UK. 
  My daughter and SIL were there to greet me and take me to their home. I booked this trip to be around for the big event in both their lives and mine, a first baby and my firdt grandchild. The day was full of moments of sleepiness went on for the next two days. Today is the first time that I woke up at a reasonable local time.
  As we wait for baby to come we occupy our days chatting and doing a few chores. Today we are having a flat tire repaired. Perhaps we'll shop a bit and then prepare a meal or something. We just wait and wait as the wee one is due at any time.
  I must say I find my daughter's place of residence much cooler than my home where we tend to use cenral heating more lavishly. Here the heat has been off most of the spring even though outdoors it never rises above 17C. For me that's a bit too chilly so I dress in my sweaters and other woolies. I truly am acting like an old granny.
  From here I try to keep in touch with Buddy using FaceTime and he who reminds me regularly that I am to come back. I must not stay away forever. Sweet guy.
Before leaving my home I managed to find us a new rental house for our end of July move and I had much of our old junk removed. The movers are also booked to pack and unpack.
  Let's hope it all works out well.
  I miss blogging but life gets in the way and we must prioritize.
  I also just bought an iPad Pro and it helps me see better to type and read blogs. So once again I shall try to pass by your posts.