Monday, April 30, 2018

A Gift of Tulips

It is the tulip that evokes several special memories in me.
1 buying my Mom’s favorite cut flower each March around her birthday
2 seeing flelds of colours while landing in Amsterdam age 10 April ‘57
3 taking a group of grade 7/8 on a 3 day field trip to,Ottawa May 1071
4 receiving colourful ones often from hubby and sometimes the kids
What a joy to know this Dutch flower is now found globally in gardens.
The bulbs were gifted by the Dutch to nations of their choice as royal gestures.
The one on our table is so warm in colours. All we need now is a warm outdoors and it is to come today.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day And Diatoms

   When Earth Day came about almost 50 years ago I was a young ambitious teacher who actively took part in the school and local clean up events. I observed that over the years not many really significant changes came about except maybe the convertors  installed cars in western nations to keep air cleaner along with a tiny push to decrease energy consuption but I feel that has failed as we are now very hooked on electronics everywhere. There are few places where one does not see screens of sorts. 
   Nations cannot agree on climate change causes. So I have my personal thought that no matter what we as individuals do unless the big corporations shift, things will get worse. Consumerism is needed for a robust economy and there lies biggest problem. Our earth is getting sicker by the minute and we are unable to stop the damage. Jobs come first. Profit margins are recorded daily just like rainfall. Profit is tops.
    I am one of many post war babies who grew up watching ads on TV and enjoying what my wages could afford. I was na├»ve in the belief that big companies and governments would care and work out how to make changes to improve our pollution issues. I was a unionized worker active in rights for women teachers in my province and at the time I believed it could happen. Not any more. My PM is pushing for a pipeline to create jobs. Ironically he may have more women on that job with equal pay.
   So today I will tell you about a part of earth that has been around longer than humans. It is known as diatomaceous earth and it seem to be a very useful natural substance used in organic farming , pool cleaning and foods. It is put into your grains at storage places to prevent bugs. 
  Many of you know I have struggled with cancer and eye issues. I have another problem . My body goes into fight mode after taking most of today’s pharma drugs so I have had to spend hours trying to figure out how to deal with BP going up or cholesterol scores bothering my GP and of course Buddy’s skin issues. After much searching I am now using diatomaceous earth food grade to deal naturally with lots of aging stuff. 
  I bought two bags of the diatoms that look like flour frm Amazon and in February I started my journey. I used a half teaspoon in carrot juice in the morning. My body reacted to this with annoying mild heaches but I had read to expect some discomfort. Slowly change came. My arthritic fingers straightened. That visible observation gave me hope to continue. As I increased the amount I had some days where I was extremely tired and just slept. After that I noticed another improvement. My knee joints no longer hurt. And my BP WOW! My BP is amazing at 120/67. And I am still not at the peak of wellness for my skin and my cellulite are still transforming to a much healthier look. I am happy with how this earth is working for me. Buddy loves it too. We will both continue on this for months to come. 
  I gave the second bag to Buddy’s PCW for baths as the worker had complained of knee pain. He too stared slowly and had a drop in BP and now his knees are not hurting. In fact today he was running up our stair case feeling great.
  If you are on pharma meds this earth can interfere so be careful if you wish to try it. I had no choice since my body hates most pharm drugs. I have learned of people who hated the side effects of pharma drugs slowly switched over. Diotoms have been used in Chinese natural ways for over 5000 years. 
  You can learn more on the internet if it is something that interests you. DE is its short form and there is a lot to read out there.
I would love to here from you. Are you in favour of less pharma?