Sunday, May 20, 2012

UK First

   My treatment for those nasty gall stones has taken a back seat to a more exciting event. We are off to the UK for a week tomorrow and we have hired our older daughter, the tattoo artist, to house sit. Rosa our neighbour is also keeping watch.
    The other day I was feeling so blue. I stared looking for a vacation package with Buddy looking on and encouraging me. I had no real idea of where to head but I knew I didn't want heat. That's when I began to think about Europe and narrowed it down to England where it might be just right at this time of year.
    I searched for a good deal. Quickly booked three return tickets for our flight. Next I searched the local area where we wished to stay and booked a triple room in a lovely bed and breakfast in the Kent region. And then I got very excited. It was all a reality now. Don't you just love the internet for this kind of thing? Finally I even found a place to prebook a cab for the long ride to our lodging place from the airport.
   Both hubby and Buddy are thrilled about this latest crazy adventure I've put together. And in no time hubby organized his clothes, meds he needs and some pound sterling for our spending. We are lucky that he's very generous with us.
   Now my job is to get Buddy and myself organized. We started with our hair cuts. Then bought two new suitcases since two of ours had left when the girls moved out. They seem to need our things. Then we shopped for a couple of new pants and tops, some luggage tags and goodies for the trip. The laundry is washed, sorted and ready too. It's fun to have this sort of thing to do. It's a break from the usual. We're ready to pack as soon as we pick up our meds this afternoon.
   Of course I informed the couple we're hoping to see because we know they are busy in their lives. It would be unfair not to pre warn them of this hasty arrangement but it seems they will have a bit of time for us and they are looking forward to greet us. They gave us a little wish list of goodies they'd enjoy. Some decadent chocolate cookies are on the list. Hahaha
   Like a work of art, this photo of a place in the UK seems so fitting to represent our journey from our place to theirs. The sky, the earth and the water are blended so perfectly into a V creating a very harmoniuos, peaceful setting with lots of reflection. I'm praying that we shall experience some of that beauty, hopeful that our trip will go smoothly. We all need a bit of change. It was a rough winter health wise. A change of air  has often helped revitalize a spirit. So we take off very soon.
   Yesterday the UK couple was off to see the Olympic Village in London and prepare to watch an big football match. These news came via my iPhone,
   " YEAHHH AHHHWWW Wowwww !!!Chelsea won over Munich!"
This was a final match in football finals in Europe. SIL and daughter are huge Chelsea fans and were over the moon with joy. They celebrated well into the night. What fun. Guess what team this Mom/MIL might have rooted for if she were an avid football fan?
   YUP !! A LOOSER! LOL That's likely why I'm not a great sport team fan though I support all sport activities.
   UK in FIRST place! Can't wait :))

Monday, May 14, 2012


   The past week I had to have several tests for I have been experiencing pains around my left shoulder blade. X-rays, ultra sounds, blood work. You know how it goes. Well the phone rang this morning. The doctor's nurse called to inform me that gall stones had shown up on the tests. Odd result considering the location of the pain.
   So far I still don't have an answer to the pain I sought help for but I have a new condition that has not given me any recognizable discomfort. But it will need some attention. Apparently the 'stones' are formed by cholesterol remaining in ducts. I have found out one can actually address the problem by doing a cleanse. Since the stones are apparently quite small the risk of anything serious is not huge yet. The cleanse involves a fast and some olive oil with lemon juice to drink  to flush out the stones (that really are not stones). You can find all sorts of information from many health sites about how they develop. 
   If I start the cleanse routine I've selected tomorrow, I should have the stones out of me by the weekend. After that I shall adjust my eating habits to include more lecithin for it was found to help keep the situation with the cholesterol better under control. Of course there are other factors too, most of them I've been doing but it seems my body just has it's own ways. Also  I shall remember is to eat more apples. This past winter I somehow neglected that fabulous natural healer that helps soften stones.
   My biggest hurdle in wanting to carry out the cleanse will be my ability to swallow the rather gooie large amount of olive oil because to date even very small amounts make me gag. I read that one person blended the oil with the juice and added a bit of grape juice and honey to make it palatable. There's also a recommendation that peppermint may be of aid to avoid gagging. Problem is I gag on it too! Will I have the fortitude to succeed?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

   May begins today and celebrations are occurring all over the globe. Historically a spring festival time, it has also become a day for International Worker's Rights. Groups have organized various activities to demonstrate their feeling of frustration about the way labour organizations and industries are making it more and more difficult for most average earners no matter how well they are becoming educated.
   It is quite likely that the 'occupy' movement will be more public again as the cold subsides and the warmth returns. But heat can be dangerous.
   There is too much injustice. It won't be ignored any more. The huge wage gap has many people angry. They are seeking a change.  But the struggle will not be easy. Just pray that this nation does not forget the citizen's right to demonstrate. In many places we've had to witness the horrible losses of lives as their people strive for democracy, for the freedom to do just what we ought to be able to. Let's hope we show them that democracy allows peaceful gatherings and it can achieve a change using this form of protesting.