Saturday, June 30, 2018

Power Wars

   As I worked on my other blog on my iPad I noticed how it is not as responsive to my wishes in the blog template and I started reading up on the changes Google is gradually implementing. I read that one could make a copy of all things Google using Google takeout. I was keen to learn more. 
   After watching multiple videos and reading all sorts of techie articles not one could offer me a clear answer of how to do this if one was not using Office so I am not very happy.
   Instead the searches led me back to the notion that I could post on Apple News and that just makes me more upset. The bigger Google and Apple get the more we are pushed to do as they feel will be best for us.
   I became a blooger years ago to help me recover from life‘s curveballs; cancer and a house fire. I had to struggle to find followers but slowly my tiny group of friends grew. Their comments were inspirational and I still cherish them but I find Google is messing up our little group. Comments no longer go to email inboxes. Posting comments often require several hoops to get there. And Google claims it is all to improve everyone‘s experience and online safety.
   I seem to disagree. The more I Google these days the more I get pushed into my own neighbourhood and the global aspect of searches are disappearing. It seems like IT has narrowed us down to GPS and the force of marketing to us is now a tool to recon with. What kind of freedom is left when we are forced by technology that thinks for us and makes us believe it will be a better life?
   Wait till there are power outage wars. 

P.S. When the power is off the house is very quiet. 
There was a POP noise in the walls when I hit the publish button! WiFi is the cause.