Saturday, March 20, 2021


 This morning it arrived quietly as earth lined up in distance of equator to sun. And it will happen annually. Now we will warm up and days will continue to be longer in my area.

Each year it is different but each year in the northern hemisphere plants wake up as does all sorts of life. We humans feel an urge to enjoy new growth. Many set out to plant gardens and tend to those already created.

But this spring is different. The corona virus from last year has become worse and is forcing us to alter many ways of daily living into small contained spaces to avoid getting the mutated deadlier version of Covid 19 variant. We had hopes of it passing but now another wave, a third, has come. And more variants are cropping up.

Spring seems less exciting with the Covid all around the earth. We are getting vaccinated but it does not prevent the virus from affecting anyone. It just lowers risk of severe illness. So how do we get it to be gone? This is the second spring with Covid. Will it be our last? 

That question has a double meaning.Enjoy you outdoor gardens but stay safe. Enjoy festive days but remain in your small bubble. Be hopeful.

Buddy and I are getting jabs on Friday. Hubby has had one. We are in the Pfizer

Spring  2921