Monday, May 31, 2010

My Buddy

 Today I shall introduce you to my Buddy. He is my first born. He came into this world five weeks premature. We weren't ready for first few weeks that followed his arrival. It took the medical profession three days of avoiding us before telling us that he is Down syndrome. Immediately there after social workers tried to convince us to give him up into social service care. It was standard practice to do this in this situation. We were told it we should do this because of his condition. It would be very difficult to manage him especially in his teenage years. The pressure was huge. We chose to believe they were wrong. We were trusted with a special child to raise and we chose to view it that way. So once I recovered from the two separate near death postpartum bleeds that ensued, I was allowed home with Buddy at my side.
 My sister became an advocate for our well being from the beginning. She was there right from his birth. It was a good feeling. He was accepted by my closest family and that meant a lot. We treated Buddy with the same enthusiasm as anyone would with their first born. He grew in leaps and bounds because he had lots of affection and stimulation. What you don't know is that Buddy helped us to be pioneers of a new generation of acceptance of special needs infants into the main stream of local communities. He is extra special Kleinste Motte.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


We have had a lovely warm week but there has been no rain and none is on the way. The newly planted flowers and shrubs will need daily watering. Lawns will need attention too. The beaches are busier than usual at this time of year. Swimming has begun! I am happy for those who are enjoying this early summer like weather. Buddy and I manage our strolls around the pond. I've been a bit down. Health and motivation seem to be my hurdle but I shall keep on working at improving so I can do more. I get a little uneasy when the heart misses a beat now and then. I just need to be stronger Kleinste Motte.
P.S. I hope fellow bloggers get better too! Prayers will help.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Township of Brock, concession 10, lot 19 was the title description of the parcel of land we came to love. At the end of July in 1988 we took possession of our country home, a 200 acre farm in Cannington.
For us it was  to be an investment and a weekend home away from the city. We wanted our kids to have lots of space to explore and enjoy. It would be part of their foundation for creativity. And it was. Our next door neighbours were the well known author Timothy Findley and nature writer William Whitehead. To us they were just Tiff and Bill. Tiff honoured us by referring to us in a chapter, Waterworks, in his book, From Stone Orchard, a collection of memories. It gives the history of his farm and ours. Both were originally owned by the pioneer Purvis family. The Beaver River flows through a corner of our place, an added feature of beauty. One day I shall write in detail about our times there.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Patiently I awaited her arrival. We have not seen each other since my surgery and I was longing to see her. My sister lives away from the city. Her busy schedule makes our visits scarce. She coaches the Special Olympians in swimming, soccer and snow shoeing. When she knew she had to come to town she found an opportunity to drop by. As soon as she stepped through the front door I rushed to give her a big long hug! She is a special sister. I love Leni, Kleinste Motte.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Opera Adventure

In pouring rain we drove downtown to the Sheraton Centre on Queen Street. There we parked and dined  exquisitely before walking next door to the Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts. Tonight we came to experience Wagner's version of the Flying Dutchman. It is a full two and a half hour production with no intermissions. The stage setting is spectacular.I had delved deeper into the theme of the opera. Who would have thought that Pirates of the Caribbean shares a common theme of phantoms at sea? Wagner's music is haunting yet beautiful. The Canadian Opera Company has video clips on it's webpage at . If you're in Toronto you may wish to enjoy a free lunchtime concert. Just check their weekly schedule.
P.S. Today I learned to create a link. What fun Kleinste  Motte!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

                                                        Edible Bouquet
Here's the fruit treat that my three children gave me for Mother's Day! It's made by the  Edible Arrangements group. That day one made dinner, one did a crossword with me and one (Buddy) taught me Wii golf before deciding to explore the tutorial about making music on the Hanna Montana Wii disk. We all watched him.The cold outdoors did not bother us. It was cozy and warm in our family room. We spent a good time together. Yup! It was yummy Kleinste Motte!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Too much rain too fast can have disastrous effects. Just look at media pictures of Nashville. Not much appeared on the news though. I found that disturbing. Instead there was a detailed account of a historic event that happened in Holland 65 years ago. It was related to the days of Ann Frank. It was the story of the Dutch liberation from the horrors of WWII. I do not want to belittle that event but the people of Tennessee deserve to have their story heard too! Especially when it is current (no pun intended). Will there be support? Let's hope so! Those folks there will need much help. What can you do Kleinste Motte?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


 The Cathedral of the Transfiguration.
It blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1984.
Across from the pond where Buddy and I
walk. It is very magnificent yet mysterious.
Sadly none of its many bells chime from it because it is deserted.
There is no activity of a religious nature at the site.
The bishop moved out in 2006 because of ownership issues.
Who knew that every cathedral is headed by a bishop? 
A film 'In the Mouth of Madness' used its exterior.
Developers built homes around it as Cathedraltown.
   What is the future of this architectural marvel?            
                                     New reflection
           Thanks for supporting my blogging Brenada.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It rained in the night. There are some puddles and tiny frogs are hopping about. We walk, Buddy and I. He's holding onto my arm. He's guiding me. He is really my faithful buddy. We can share any time together. We talk of days gone by and days yet to be. We breathe in the sweet fragrances from the blooming shrubs and dandelions. We plod along carefully. There is no wind. The pond reflects the row of houses along Hazelton Avenue. The scene reminds me of a masterpiece painting by some amazing artist. It's so beautiful. My vision may be compromised but I do see and I remember to be thankful. Buddy helps me a lot. I know he is aware of how precious he is. He knows he's Down syndrome. Like an angel. Special.
Very special Kleinste Motte.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 1

"When it rains it pours." Does it really? 
It seems like it's pouring at my home, in my heart.
May is here. I thought I would be very happy but I really am not. I should be. I have a couple of friendly followers on my blog. That is so encouraging, making me keener to keep on learning the craft. How quickly that feeling can be numbed! Why is it that for every joyous moment there must be dozens of sad or disappointing ones? In the past two years I overcame a huge loss from a house fire that destroyed many so precious items and I recovered from the surgical removal of an enormous cancer in my colon. Though the recommended chemo was not an option because I was too weak, lots of prayers and herbal teas helped me to be in remission. But in January my blood pressure got very irregular. After several trips to the hospital a medication finally helped that and I was able to resume my activities by the end of March. In April I became stronger and was happier for it. Then a walk on Saturday changed that. I noticed I was not seeing properly out of the left eye! The worry that I will lose my sight was back. The eye has been subject to two surgeries; one for  the restoration of a sudden total retinal detachment ( I was blind on the day of that operation and that surgeon said he would try his best and he did!! ), the other was for a cataract removal and a lens implant (The surgeon was worried the retina might act up but it didn't! ). For 17 years my bad eye was actually the better eye until May 1st. Now the light coming in is dulled and the focus is limited. I feel as though I'm looking through a pin hole. And there is a dull pain! Darn!!! Prayers have been upped and soul searching continues. Once again the struggle to get better is facing me. Will the outcome to be a happy one? God knows and I hope the surgeon will do his best when the time comes. Right now I'm waiting to be seen by him. Still I love reading and writing. It would be very sad to lose that and the enjoyment of following my newest friends. Bloggers. Perhaps they will pray too?
May 1st was a cloudy day. There was some thunder and a very brief downpour of hail. This kind of precipitation hurts. I prefer the gentle raindrops that make me feel as though I'm being cleansed and restored.  I'm hope I will get better. I have to. I want to keep that opportunity to read and write more and more. I really do! Blogging!
Big print helps Kleinste Motte.