Tuesday, October 15, 2013


There are many games to be played and one that I was lucky to learn at an early age was chess. It's amazing over the years how the moves of the game have become almost life itself for me. Often I have found myself in the check position but then somehow I have always manage to regroup and figure a path away from the final blow!
We just returned from a week at a resort in Cayo Coco where we soaked up the sun, walked, danced, played and met up with some lovely people who were also taking a break. It's so rewarding to see Buddy love the attention he gets because of his abilities and good nature. He seems to be able to break down some barriers people had until they met up with him! 

I have not taken the usual time to blog because it's been harder on my eyes now. And I know now that I shall have to use every minute of daylight to its max because once it get dimmer I see very little. I am slated for eye surgery on December 2 to remove the right vitreous and to replace an implanted lens with a stronger one. It is my better eye so if this surgery fails then I guess I feel like I'm another step closer to that dreaded checkmate? Perhaps I'll learn to play by touch? Or sound? The game still has possibilities right?

I continue to read your posts and leave my comments as often as I dare. If my vision improves then I'll have much more to share and enjoy along with you.
Buddy is missing sharing with you too.