Sunday, August 30, 2015


   It was a week ago that I watched a documentary about drones and how popular they were becoming. That same eve during the news broadcast it was pointed out the a local airport had logged over 700 near misses of airplanes finding drones in their airspace. Shocking!
  Next I went to a Best Buy site to see what options are out there to purchase a drone. The list was vast and so were the price tags. The higher range was around $1600 and the lower was $199 making them very affordable and accessable.
   I then went to You Tube to find out more about how to control and fly a drone. There I found a wealth of information. An iPad with cellular capability enabled can download an app making it the drone remote controller. Likely the same app is available for a smart cellphone since the drones all use the cellular 3G/4LTE network and GPS to move about.
   While various drones are now being used by hobbyists and news media photographers to capture cool images remotely there is something not so great lurking around the corner as the drones get into more people's hands. EVIL.
   There are many street gangs with many agends lurking about in towns and cities. What use they may make of this latest technology at their disposal is up and coming and it is probably not of much benefit to the common good of the population. Dromes can be used to carry a small payload besides being a photographic tool. Poachers have already used them. Other uses? Dare to imaine?
   No rules or regulations were put into place prior to the small drones being put on sale for the public to purchase. Since these devices use airspace to move about should they not be carefully regulated like hobby airplanes are?? 
   I believe that rules right now are a must because a future with unreguated use of drones poses a serious possible hazard on several levels for all life forms.