Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 There's something wonderful happening at my house. The sun is shining after many cloudy days. But there's another ray of sunshine and that's Liz. She came today for the first time to help get our home back into some resemblance of clean and dust free. You see I have not been very well. Just trying to keep Buddy's skin issue under control by daily vacuuming, bathing him and entertaining him didn't leave much energy for more. And my girls are adults busy with their lives. Hubby works and enjoys cooking. Our cleaning has been neglected. Today that changed. Liz arrived at 10 this morning and has been working all day. It smells so fresh. It feels so good. Our ray of sunshine will be back next Tuesday.
   Sunshine comes in many forms. It can bring joy and hope. Do you have someone who adds that extra warmth? Feels good right?? 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lost Soul

   For too many days I have tuned the world as I know it off. I have allowed myself to be listless and self-centred expecting others to care for me. While it may be helpful for the body it is not for my soul. Though I prefer my independence my eyes and health issues are becoming my excuse and that I'm allowing it, that's not for the good.
  I have trouble seeing because the healing of the eye has changed the glasses prescription a lot and it's too early for a new one. My stitches will be removed on July 6th.  Meanwhile I try to just keep busy with silly things that don't require much focus. Even shopping has become harder because I like to read the labels. I feel so lost.
   Then I chose more to moan about. On Friday, June 10th, I had the throat biopsy at the hospital ENT ward. It will determine the nature of the abnormal lesions on the left side where I once had tonsils. The current procedure felt like another tonsillectomy. It has forced me off my feet once more. Popsicles helped sooth the soreness a bit however my ego wasn't impressed.
   Finally today I'm trying to do more. The pain has subsided. Excuses must end. Blurred vision will no longer hold me down!! NO!!
   I need to focus on all the goodness around me. It's not right to forget that I live a blessed life. Cancer so far has stayed under control and I must believe it will continue to do so. All will be well. I will be 65 in a few weeks and that's a milestone. Right?? And more good times will follow but I must get back on a positive track, grounded and cheerful. Yes! That's it.
   Patti's checkup went well on June 9th. I'm glad for her and hopeful for me. Her post was the only one I was able to finish reading today. I loved the way she blended a grandma, a new mom and a baby with an imperfection all into one beautiful experience as she waited at her doc to discover her fate. Cancer or not? Free. And she's happy. Was it coincidence that I just happened to be on her blog today? Perhaps but I think souls have ways of connecting in ways yet to be discovered. Did the date play a role? Down syndrome? Perhaps I had Gertrud on my mind and her soul guided me?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fitness by Wii

The other day my girls decided to set up the fitness part of the Wii that sat in an unopened box for some time. They were planning to get fit together. I watched and was quickly lured in and just had to give it a try. Along came the best active fun I've had in ages. The activity options are huge!!  This screen shot shows a few.
Below you can see I'm trying hard to move my body in order to control the ball to score points and burn a calorie or two. It will tell me how I did when I've completed the task.
It's fun. For me the true value in this was it forced me to use all my faculties in ways I had not done for some time. 
Definitely stimulating, I can see why senior centres have started to offer it as means to stay youthful! Family members are ready to challenge me. I will have to work hard to keep up.