Sunday, May 16, 2010


Township of Brock, concession 10, lot 19 was the title description of the parcel of land we came to love. At the end of July in 1988 we took possession of our country home, a 200 acre farm in Cannington.
For us it was  to be an investment and a weekend home away from the city. We wanted our kids to have lots of space to explore and enjoy. It would be part of their foundation for creativity. And it was. Our next door neighbours were the well known author Timothy Findley and nature writer William Whitehead. To us they were just Tiff and Bill. Tiff honoured us by referring to us in a chapter, Waterworks, in his book, From Stone Orchard, a collection of memories. It gives the history of his farm and ours. Both were originally owned by the pioneer Purvis family. The Beaver River flows through a corner of our place, an added feature of beauty. One day I shall write in detail about our times there.


  1. A delightful recounting of growing up on a big farm. I'd to hear more about the life and work on the farm itself when you have time.

  2. sounds glorious

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    I am still waiting for the video ;-)

  3. Sounds wonderful.
    I spent nearly every weekend visiting my Grandma's farm when I was growing up. Your recollection reminds me of those happy times.

  4. i forgot to say, i vote for crystal.

  5. Thanks everyone. I've added a book cover. I love the art. Adding this was difficult.

  6. I enjoyed reading this post. I can visualize what a wonderful time your family had on property. The river flowing through it catches my interest, to say the least. Gerry