Saturday, December 6, 2014


 December 6th is St. Nick's Day.

 In my childhood years this day was a very special one because it was one of the rare days that we were given gifts of hard to get sweets like ginger bread and chocolate. There was often a mandarin orange added to our individual treat plates that were especially made for this yearly
event. It is still a festive time for children in parts of Europe but it seems that the modern Santa Claus coming at Christmas time has spread globally making today a more minor festivity in those areas. 
When I was a young mom I could find European delis selling the plates and goodies readily. Not any more. The delis hare almost all gone. Now our local super grocery store has a new version, a cellophane bag filled with a foil covered St. Nick chocolate along with some small tree ornaments in the Christmas goodies' section. What is unusual is that it comes from China not Europe. And I tend to not trust the ingredient list as I once did. Times have really changed. 
But my memories of this festive time in my youth remains in tact.
Happy St. Nick's Day to anyone who likes a reason to have some fun  a and who enjoys chocolates and assorted sweets. Perhaps a cocoa liqueur might be what you crave or a spiced red wine?