Tuesday, November 11, 2014


  On the 6th of October my sister, a born Canadian, joined me on a journey to my birth country. We decided that it was time to visit our elderly aunt once again. My daughter chose this time as a great opportunity to fly over from the UK to join us. It turned out to be a very busy ten days.
   Since the flight into another time zone is a challenge I opted to upgrade to a higher class for the flight over there. The larger seat space did make the trip a bit more comfortable. There was no direct flight so we chose to land in Amsterdam and then take a train to Hannover. By the time we arrived at our Aunt's it was already 10:30 pm on October 7th. She greeted us in the lobby and after just a quick hello we parted. Her place of residence has guest rooms with kitchenette's. We settled into our room for a good sleep ready to meet Aunt for breakfast in her place. It felt all so familiar. We have done this several times over the past 4 years. It felt good.
   Aunt is our mother's sister and has reached the age of 93. She goes swimming 6 days a week. She still walks to he local grocery shop to pick up what she needs. She enjoys bowling every two weeks and joins in the events of her residence as she sees fit. She's been there for 25 years now. During that time her husband passed away. She found a new companion and he too recently passed away at the age of 101.
   The residence has kept up with the times and we were able to get wifi from the lobby. She finds it amazing that we can store photos on tablets and phones. She cannot grasp how they are so easily accessed. Her photo past is all on slides! UGH!! Nor can she grasp texting though she sees it being done all around her even by the newest 87 year old friend she's managed to find for herself. What a lady! And he carries a title of nobility. We had to meet him for tea time on the first day with her.
   On the 8th late at night daughter arrived and joined us in our room. An extra bed was added making it cosy. Sis and I had already been to the local Rewe shop for some groceries because we wanted to relax and eat breakfast in our room since Aunt was up too early for us. On the 9th we all met up for lunch at 11:30 followed by coffee and cake at 3 with more family visitors. 
   I'm always fascinated at what new tidbits one learns about one's family on these occasions. Hans and Ruth joined us. They are siblings. Both are widowed and are grandparents. Hans is 90 and still drives. Ruth at 87 is very fit. Both are very alert with great memories. Good to know that there are family members with a gene that can survive well for a few extra years.
 Aunt is to the very left, then Ruth , Sis and daughter.  Below is one with me.

The siblings are aunt and uncle to my aunt. Their father was my aunt"s father's brother. Their father had his children late. He was 72 when Ruth was born.
This dates back to the 1930"s. Ruth and Hans with parents.
Once again this was an event stretching four generations and it is humbling.