Saturday, January 5, 2013


   Though a new year has begun I feel that it's just a continuation of my daily life. Years back each new year gave me a sensation of newness but now I find that has past. Now I have to be content with each day as a new beginning. Aging altered my perspective and sense of time. It has odd effects on my way of seeing things both literally and figuratively.
   On Thursday I was watching a documentary put out by the CBC's DocZone. The broadcast was about volcanoes and their effect on our earth. But what grabbed my attention was that Yellowstone is an area that has been keenly watched for the longest time. There's even a website created just to follow its daily status. 
   Many go to Yellowstone National Park dedicated to the area in 1872. I have seen some great photos taken by visitors. Yet I don't recall much reference to the fact that the area is actually the site of a type of a volcano. Instead I hear it's an area of geysers, Old Faithful being a very popular one. The park is said to be open for visitation all year. However, there's only one entrance open during wintertime, the northern one via Montana. I doubt I shall be visiting the place. It seems a bit beyond what Buddy and I could manage. 
   Still I am curious. And this documentary gave me many glimpses. It set forth some proposals of what might occur if an eruption does happen. It was very fascinating to learn how much research is ongoing. It also showed what dangers come with any eruption in the world and how the ash affects so much. It can change the face of our earth as we know it. Could we ever devise a means to survive a major eruption?
   Next time I hear about Yellowstone I shall recall some of this. How about you? Have you visited? Are you a geyser lover? Are you aware of the volcano watch?