Wednesday, May 6, 2015


   It's obvious that my posts are dwindling as are my comments. Ever since I was a toddler I've struggled to see. I was born with severe myopia and astigmatism but my parents didn't recognize the shortfall in my vision until the grade one teacher made it very clear that I needed spectacles. There was even a time when it was thought children should not have them because their vision would worsen! 
   Parents finally decided I should be seen by an optometrist during that school year. I still recall a part of the visit which took place in the heart of the city of Bremen where my Dad was busy with his creation as the founder of a language newspaper. The World and Press, which you can get online now in several languages is and was put out by the firm, Carl Sch├╝nnemann Verlag, and that it was located nearby helped me to recall it. My Dad would bring me along to his workplace sometimes and it felt very special. It was just in front of the Wesser River and not far from the gorgeous alleyway known as B├Âttcherstrasse famous for the Glockenspiel and the town square with the big ROLAND statue as well as the nearby famous bronze of the Bremen Town Musicians created from a children's tale. I loved that part of the town.
   The eye appointment was the typical dilating drops, then bright lights glaring into the eyes and finally lenses being held to the face in front of the eyes until the chart images appeared focused. I had never known focus until that day.
   As we left the office of this professional I overheard him tell my mother I had inherited very bad eyes and would likely go blind at an early age. Those words stayed with me. Though I am fairly elderly now with really poor vision facing me more and more, daily I have to thank my doctors for continuing to fine tune whatever vision is left. 
   Yesterday was one of those moments where after some dilating drops a laser was beamed into my left eye over and over. I felt the little sharp zaps. Then my eye pressure was taken and I was sent home but asked to return next month. So far this year I've been at the hospital clinic four times for my eyes.
   Insight suggests to me now that I have avoided blogging more and more because of my sight but I tell myself I can use voice overs and audio programs to assist me. I just need to learn how. The time is here. I shall make the time to learn. I must. 
   Still deep down I pray that the stem cells for retinas will be available sooner. I could benefit a lot from a better working macula and new retinas!