Thursday, March 10, 2022

Burning Questions

The title I used is the title of Margaret Atwood’s lastest book released and I have the audio version now that I must use that way to enjoy text. I am so impressed with this work and for the first time in my life I have a very fond appreciation of this contemporary Canadian author. Her vision of our world and our lives on it is very much to the point. She has done much to alert us all that the way we live is not going to work into the future. I concur .

I am posting this as I know many of you are very well read bloggers and know our globe has environmental issues along with much more of course and you may like her short essays and words as they really are remarkably well stated. If you get a chance to read some of it do let me know your thoughts.

Buddy and hubby continue to keep well as we plod along in our senior years. In fact Buddy is very helpful in assisting us. He is my rock. God bless him.

Monday, January 3, 2022

January 2022

 The new year was celebrated by the three of us with a home made dinner and baked goods and fruits for dessert all while watching Anderson Cooper at Times Square as requested by Buddy. 

It was not to my liking watching, hin a man who does not really enjoy alcohol, be asked to down shots and tell he is not enjoying the feeling and then pulling out baby food tubes as his source of food. And it seemed three hours were filled with too much of that activity to the point where Anderson began complaint about not being able to focus on his monitor for his lines in the show.

While there were interludes of entertainment including Justin Bieter dressed up as a spud it somehow failed my hope for some good laughs as we left 2021 behind.It was not an evening full of joy but rather one of relief that we made it thus far avoiding Covid and having our booster shots yet knowing the new variant was rising hourly and by today has hit Over 18000 in just our Ontario province with shut downs likely.

We can only hope this virus will let go once people are immunised and here now they are flocking to clinics more. It is hard to keep safe with the new variant that is making even vaccinated people sick though many not as seriously.

September I tripped and badly fractured my left arm and had to have ER treatment with several hospital follow ups. It was scary as one had no way of being certain that the area was Covid free.   Today the arm has healed but a final fracture clinic app;t is still ahead and Covid is worse now.

One must try to focus on better times. I do this by listening to many audio books. I love them. And we all watch movies to help pass the dark days.We did some baking and put up our tree and put together a few gifts in December once my cast was off. Buddy wanted a visit to see decorations so we made a short trip at a time when it is least busy. We bought a few gifts for his friends and relatives we might see. We tried to feel cheerful.

My daughter who lives 3 hours away managed to test positive for Covid on the 17 of December so she was not able to join us for Christmas. She was I’ll for about a week but still had to quarantine.. We hope to see her later in January.

Watching all the recent weather chaos is has also been tough as thousands in Canada and US are loosing homes and places or work as weather disasters hit hard. Boulder Colorado was most recent right at Christmas Eve. All is so tragic.

I wonder about the hardships now facing so  many. In BC it will take more than a year to build new bridges to allow goods to travel to the east. A very important travel route was washed away in November along with a huge part of our dairy industry.

Help is there but many losses are not replaceable when there is huge destruction as the ones now coming at almost anytime. Global warming has come as was predicted years ago.

This past year I lost my beloved  Swiss cousin on October 31 not from Covid but blood poisoning that ER over looked until it was too late. Hard to imagine how many others are not getting prompt medical,help for non Covid issues. We miss him. 

It is time to look beyond all that toward the fortunate events ahead and be thankful for our blessings thus far. I dream of times when travel will be possible even to local spots and to hug my sister who just passed her cancer treatment and appears to be doing much better.

Most of all I look forward to seeing our grand kids again.I pray my vision will still allow moments when I can share with you.

Dear reader please drop me a line for I very much miss you all too. May 2022 bring us to happier and safer times.