Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thinking Day

   February 22, I remember it as Thinking Day and Lord Baden-Powell Day. I was a Girl Guide from the age of 12 and remained a member until the end of my teenage years. My brother followed and became a Scout. And then little sister joined Brownies. We took being a member very seriously, striving to reach the highest levels. Check out our chords. But the awards in the background belong to a Scout troop.
We wore our uniform proudly on this day.

Today I post this in honour of a world movement that inspired many youths.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Meme is a word that has not been a part of my active vocabulary. When I skimmed over it today while reading a blog I decided to take time to acquaint myself with it.
The more I tried to grasp its meaning the more I frustrated I became. Seems this word is evolving along with many others in this computer age.
I have learned that the term is used to propagate an idea or image over the internet. Does that differ from 'going viral'?
If you have grasped how the word really works maybe you can help me to a better understanding? Who knew I could be so confused trying to make sense of a four letter word?

I clicked on HERE to get to the meme in one blog. The meme is Skywatch Friday. At that host page I found many images. Clicking on an individual image sent me back to the blog and blogger that added it. I suppose this is another way to enjoy followers but I didn't trust myself to join too.
It seems the Skywatch Friday site does not appear to be macbook friendly. Their homepage display appeared distorted on mine. And that made me back away from joining.

Instead I decided to post one of my sky pics without the link.
Here's the harbour at St. John, New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy in the fall of 2010. Any one cursing(lol 'cursing'; thanks Patti for finding my typo) any time soon?
For those of you who are in search of hearts there appears to be a partial image of one. Enjoy.