Monday, December 25, 2017

White Christmas

   Today is Christmas Day and it was truly a white one. Since I took the photo of our deck we have had much more. Right now the sun is out but the next wave of storms is heading our way.
   I recall as a younster living in this area snow was very common during Christmas time. And my brother and I loved the holidays for that snow. It was always exciting. We had a choice of tobogganing in the Glen Manor Ravine or at Kew Beach Park. The ravine was steeper and gave a better thrill. We went mostly there and were glad our parents were home. They might have seen dangers and taken away our favorite spot.
   We also had the option of heading to the outdoor rink in the Kew Beach Park . The ice would be cleared throughout the cold spells by local guys. During the recreational skate time music would be piped out from somewhere. At evening it would be lit. And being so close to Lake Ontatio we could often hear waves crashing onto icy rocks. The air always had a fresh smell that we craved and loved. Playing out in the snow gave us cold hands and toes at times but the freedom to play for hours without parents kept us on the move outdoors until we were hungry. We knew to head home for a nice hot soup. And as we entered our tiny apartment it seems we always got complimented on our rosy cheeks. It was a happy time.

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