Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peach Time

In August of 1955 my father drove us to Niagara Falls in his newly acquired VW bug. It was a family outing to admire and enjoy the peach harvest. We would do this every year from that time on until my dad's sudden death the night after the final trip for him. Yet to this day that tradition has been carried on into the next generations. We regularly head towards Niagara in late August or early September and will be going again. This photo shows me as I enjoy very juicy peach. I still remember that first time.
The peaches bought locally always taste so much better. We will purchase several baskets and enjoy the bounty. There are many tasty ways to enjoy the fruit. I shall bake a cheese cake topped with peaches and streusel in the style of my mom's, a favourite of my dad and now my hubby. Buddy likes it too. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


  Yesterday was may cancer checkup and the blood work is not showing any irregularities. In a few weeks comes the colonoscopy, annual now rather than every six months. Phew! I dread the prep for those. I have a huge dislike for the sour taste of the citromag bottle contents that has to be downed hours before. The diet of clear liquids is no fun either but now that I think about it, I ought to be thankful for everything even that. There's so much stress in the world right now. My little worry is just a hiccup. When it's over I might have one of these again.

Monday, August 8, 2011


  Today my iPhone screen appeared in Russian. My phone locked itself. And this has made me wonder what"s happening. Why would a little old lady like me seem to be of interest to some hacker?? Ha ha ha. You all know the great shape I'm in. My organs aren't worth harvesting. I've no porno interest and my pension check won't buy much. Perhaps some Russian thinks I was active in Russia during WW II? I wasn't even born till it was over. I was considered a Sudetenland refugee till 1989 because my family was ousted into Germany by the Czechs and Russians. Some of my family was murdered in the process. My auntie remembered that time of hardship and told me stories that filled my eyes with tears. 
   What is going on in our cyber world?? I'm on my way to the Apple store to see what they might do to help. Apple claims to have great security. Let's see what they will do. I just hope I'm not back in some bot net. It's possible that a recent upgrade to a new wifi modem might have something to do with my heartache. It has put a damper on my blogging fun because I worry about being on the web.