Tuesday, June 24, 2014


   The last few weeks have past like a blur and June is nearly over. I have spent this month travelling for a week with Buddy and then recovering from some viral thing because I let go of my super stringent diet and supplements. Now I'm slowly getting back on my path and my head is clearing though my vision remains a bit blurry. It's amazing how fast my vision can become blurred and just as quickly get better. I do not understand how that works. I've been adding MSM to my supplements to help deal with microbes I've got and it has had some interesting side effects including my mood swings. I'm hoping I shall be able o get stable soon.
   Buddy and I are spending some time following the Fifa games and love the way people all around are showing their enthusiasm. I guess living in such a multicultural city lends itself well to this type of following. I wear the German T shirt. Buddy has adopted the Spanish but also favours the Mexican team.
  I've spent some time reading  many articles about many things from microbes to future robotic technology and wonder what the world might be like in 30 years from now. I was one of the women who was open to getting all the latest tech goodies like the Apple 2C when it came out in the 80's. I had the latest movie camera and the bulky huge cell phone. Now I sit at the macbook writing this to share with you.
   I love to blog but I have found that I am avoiding making the effort to stay updated. I have given much thought to why but I cannot come up with a solid answer except that perhaps my energy level is down. I am suspecting that a bit of depression has hit me. I have a sense of feeling lost but don't know why. I am not exercising properly so that could be a good place to start moving forward. I also noticed I miss having people around. I have to find more people to surround myself with. I have Buddy and hubby but neither seem to be able to stimulate me  to a level of activity that I do well with. 
   What's going to be my way back from feeling lost? Lately I've tried some new apps, challenging games on my iPad and iPhone. And now I'm searching for an app that get's me up and walking more. 
   Lost in my own world is bugging me. I struggle to get off my chair more regularly and move about daily. Mini vacations are fun and keep me temperately active but they are masking what's really going on?    Laziness ???
This was taken on our latest trip June 6th to 14th.
The smile does not reflect my latest bout of feeling lost.
Where will I find a friend that I can hang with since I seem to feel I need one?