Saturday, July 4, 2015


  For weeks I have been struggling with updating my Macbook to Yosemite. I read how some bloggers had a terrible transition and ended up taking their crashed machine to the shop for help. I was scared. but today I decided to take the plunge after watching the video of what Apple has planned in months to come.
  The first thing I did was play with my photo library. I have a passport drive back up but I still worried about my collection. I played with faces for a couple of hours and then when I no longer felt threatened by the idea of loosing stuff I went to the app store to the updates. All was updated except for the latest IOS  X10.10. I clicked on it. It requested my ID and then wanted an update of payment info for iTunes before it was ready to proceed. There was an option of no payment info. Good.
After making my selection and giving my permission to proceed it moved forward. The download began.
   Calmly I went to my iPad to read some blog posts as I waited and watched the download progress. It was very slow so I plugged in the ethernet cable. It is a faster service than wifi. It took about 45 minutes for the download. I had checked the hard drive earlier to make sure there was lots of room. I was hopeful for a smooth install. And with my admin permission it began.
   The install took a fair bit of time. After some auto reboots the sign in screen came up. It was followed by a screen asking me to type in my ID again and then asked me what things I would like to store on the cloud. I made my selection. My photo library is quite large so I opted for more cloud storage to accommodate it. It also wanted me to set up the keychain to store important stuff but I was not ready to trust that area of my data online yet. 
   I am happy to report that as of right now the transition has been seamless. I have selected my new display page that works best for my vision and I have checked the new photo icon that matches the one on my mobile devices. My 9200+ pics are all there. I am delighted. Now all I need is lessons for the many new features. Important to me is the new Siri function. I need Siri to become my friend so that I can use the latest voice tech and less texts. I learned that more advanced Siri features are due to arrive in September and I want to be ready.
   I have one dislike. It is the new music app that used to be iTunes. It wants $14.99 from me so that I can use all of it's features like R1, the radio and Connect to go chat with my fav musicians. Seems we are being asked not only to buy music but pay to listen if we opt for that app's full features. So far the cloud cost is the only one I have opted for.
The Yosemite update itself is free. 
   So far I like the interface and changes. I wonder if all will still be there in the morning and working smoothly? 
PS I had no trouble creating or posting this blog after the install.