Friday, April 30, 2010


A Well
Flames roaring
Smoke billowing
Winds twisting thrashing
Seawater tossing slicks gushing
Coastlines awaiting their uncharted doom
Lives oil-drenched struggling about
Death wrenching anguishing
Birds drowning
Fish choking
B.P. Hell
Is there hope Kleinste Motte ?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Mess

There are lots of unusual strange clouds this April.
First came the ash clouds over Europe messing up air traffic.
Then there were the sand clouds in China making breathing a mess.
Now there's a huge smoke cloud in the Gulf of Mexico.
This one is most ugly and creating so much destruction!
The loss of life is immeasurable!
Oil well technology is limited when pumping within seawater.
Wells in the ocean?? Seems that safety was ignored!
A giant leak has poisoned any faith in this industry.
What a catastrophic mess Kleinste Motte.
PS.  It's June and the oil is still messing up the sea!
View clips at "YouTube"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Cycle

There's no rain in the forecast but there are a few a few fluffy clouds dotted here and there. Yesterday my buddy and I went to Canadian Tire to buy a new DVD player. As we strolled towards the cash we walked past the huge display of bikes. We were attracted to them. So many varieties. Several shoppers were evaluating them. The attendant saw us eyeing one and was quick to offer his assistance. He pulled a bike from rack at our request and left. He went to help another customer. Smart! A shiny green cycle was is our clutches. Buddy sat on it. I sized him up on it. A perfect fit. Yup, I was hooked. I knew that we would be adding it to our purchase. It was assembled and ready to go. Only one final adjustment correcting the tire pressure was needed and done by our sales attendant. We needed a pump and a helmet. It didn't take us long to pick one that fit well and looked nice. We chose a white colour. As we payed we learned  about a "no tax sales promotion" on bikes. Lucky us! We walked our new green cycle to the SUV, packed it in and headed to Swiss Chalet. We ordered take out and headed home. Our green cycle was transferred from the SUV to the front hall to be admired as we ate, talked and laughed. Buddy said it was a great celebration. At bedtime Green Cycle was moved to the garage.
Today we're going to launch Green Cycle on it's inaugural run. We'll take a movie of this event and view it on the DVD player that led us to our shiny green cycle.
Spring is fun KleinsteMotte.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clouds of Ash

When I think of clouds I think of rain. But these days there are clouds of ash hovering all over Europe and moving eastward. The clouds have crippled air traffic. This has brought a whole new line of disaster to the industry. It's economic effects will be vast.  An unfamiliar suffering is associated with it. Patience is being tested in a new way. So far there is little global help to those affected because this is a first in a new natural disaster. Little is known of its effects yet it will cost many millions in lost revenue. It is affecting many countries and many businesses because air freight is at a halt. I can only imagine how all the ash clouds are floating silently high above in a jet stream unaware of the doom they are causing!
What can be done KleinsteMotte?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


It poured and poured. Worms were flushed out of their holes in the ground where they work to loosen our soil. They drown if too much water fills their holes. On the front porch the pansies and pussy willows in the planters, where there are no worms, are struggling. The wind is tugging at them. Their roots have not had sufficient time to established themselves. It feels like they are being violated as they get tossed around. Nature seems cruel. But maybe that's just my momentary vision? The worms struggle across the sidewalk hoping to find a drier place. Worms are very versatile creatures KleisteMotte.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's drizzling. I took my buddy and together we walked and talked. We headed in the direction of the pond in the park, Because it is early spring the growth around the pond is barely visible. The brush and old grasses hide it. But the wild life is returning. You can hear all sorts of chirps coming from the area. We listened and tried to guess which creature's sound we were hearing. Most of our guesses remained just that. Neither of us have the knowledge to be accurate. We strolled towards the playground. Today there were no families with their little ones. Seems they don't opt to bring their tots when there's visible moisture in the air. Too bad !! I bet the tikes would have enjoyed being out and about!! They usually don't mind a few droplets of water. Parents tend to believe kids should remain dry and they tend to teach this idea to their tots. Not sure why because they'll take them for swimming lessons even in the deep of winter! 
At the playground we stare at the empty swings and giggle. We have the same thought. Let's swing a bit! Hastily I pull out a tissue and wipe the seats a bit to reduce the accumulated water. Next we both mount a swing and start pumping. What a thrill! In no time we are racing to be the highest. As the tummy tickles from the motion I squeal with pleasure. We exchange giggles and swing on for some time silently.  Ahhh.. A sudden thought, "I wonder if I still know how to jump."
I assess my height, adjust my feet and prepare to jump. Then I call out, " I'm going to jump." 
I launch myself into the air feeling my body lurch forward. Quickly! My feet hit the cushioned turf and I let out, "I did it!"  As I turn to look back at the swing I see my buddy launching himself into the air. He lands with a huge grin across his face. He knows just how great it feels to relive that childish joy of flying and feeling free. We continue our walk on around the pond knowing something good had just happened. The drizzle was our invitation to reconnected with fun times KleinsteMotte.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Sprinkles

  Sprinkles.It was Easter Monday and at 1:30 am I heard the pitter patter of rain droplets. This was the first April sprinkle. I call it that because it only lasted for a few minutes, just enough to wet surfaces. By 3:30 am the ground was dry again. I know because I didn't sleep very well. I was worried that I would wake up too late to get to the clinic by 9:30 am for the echo cardiogram. It was to be followed by a halter monitor fitting (both to help determine why my pulse and my blood pressure are erratic at times). Reading a bit more of "Cleaving" helped me to fall asleep around 4:30 am. At 7:55 am I awoke to the sound of another cloud burst! It was a heavier and lasted a bit longer.
  By 9 am the sun was shining! And the temperature was already pleasant.
This Sunday was another happy one. Buddy still enjoys receiving a basket filled with little goodies. He likes to be challenged before he gets to it. My job is to hide it well!! And then I get to sit back and watch as he searches. The smile on his face is so worth my effort every year! I love our family fun as much as the holidays and all the memories year after year.
  Though my three children have all grown up, they remain young at heart. At special events throughout the year they join together and enjoy themselves. It's fun to be seated beside them and listen to their chatter and laughter. Sprinkles of joy KleinsteMotte.