Friday, July 29, 2011

Her Big Day

July 23rd was her 90th birthday and she was so very happy to have her two nieces from Canada there at her side. We were just as happy. It was a grand Saturday. The morning began with our chance to give her a token for the occasion. She's opening it.
There were lots of flowers, cards and champagne too!  
At three in the afternoon she had a formal coffee and cake party in a party room. Her closest friends and a few relatives were her invited guests. For two hours we ate, chatted and listed to some hilarious presentations. I was glad and proud to be there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Many days have gone by since I was this small but I've always enjoyed writing/typing stories. I'm sitting at my aunt's typewriter in Lehrte by Hannover in April of 1954. Today I'm flying there to visit her. My sister is going to take good care of me on this journey for auntie's 90th birthday.
Will be back in no time to enjoy your posts.:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

WOW 38

Buddy thanks all of you for the good wishes already sent his way. The morning began with rich chocolate cake . He is impressed that he's reached 38 years and feels he's getting up there in years. Hah! 
He requested streamers for his celebration and the girls went all the way for him! Our kitchen looks so festive. His expression was "WOW" when he saw it.
Tonight he'll go out for a special birthday dinner. This will be followed by a visit to the theatre to see Harry Potter in 3D. He received tickets for this event from his sister. Seats are reserved. He's very excited. He loves 3D. 
Did you see the Lego on the table? He'll be busy constructing. He's very good at putting things together and he enjoys it. The Wii Dance gifts are going to be useful too. Lot's of music to shake to. Ahhh.
It appears that today will be filled with all the fun he dreamed of. What joy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More than a TEA PARTY

The table was set with lots of finger foods. The excitement grew as the clock ticked. His family was stuck in rush hour traffic. The three o'clock affair became four o'clock but that was just fine because it allowed the couple some extra time to chill with just us. As soon as his parents and siblings arrived the tea party began. Seating was informal. We used the living room dining room combo and everyone found a comfortable place. The younger crowd even opted for an additional impromptu BBQ of hot dogs because they had all missed lunch while getting ready for the party. Once all had eaten the formality took place. The couple gave their intention to become engaged. And they chose an exchange of jewellery to show their intent. She was gifted was a diamond pendent with matching earrings which her fiance helped her put on. His gift was a Baume & Mercier Classima watch which she proudly put on for him. Their ring exchange has been saved for their next formal ceremony.
The formality ended so quickly but that's the way events like this usually do. Lots of hugging and congratulations followed and then it was time to part. Each family had other events planned for the evening. Ours was a prearranged BBQ dinner at close family friend's, former mentors to our daughter who wanted to welcome the young man to their home too. And later that eve the couple had to go for dessert party with his cousins. We stayed on and chatted with our friends. It was all over too quickly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This afternoon we are going to have visitors, very special ones. Yesterday afternoon his parents and grandparents gave them their blessing. Today my youngest daughter and her sweetheart are bringing his family to witness their son propose to her in our home. We are delighted for them.
Liz has brought extra help to make everything shine and sparkle. They even set up our dining room table for the afternoon tea with these roses in the centrepiece. Hubby is bringing the finger food. It's such a happy occasion that I just had to post my excitement. It's another milestone for me and for our family.  This July is one of the best in a while!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Special Moments

Two days in a row this little cotton tail stopped and waited for me to pull out my iphone, select camera and shoot its picture. It made me smile.

My smile continued as I took my time to capture the peaceful moment with this creature. Today's morning walk was extra special having now officially joined the rank of seniors. This entitles me to all their perks including no tuition fees if I choose to continue studies at any college or university. Perhaps I'll consider some part time courses at my favourite campus in the future. I may be too late to register for this fall I think. Have any of you considered taking any classes?

Sunday, July 3, 2011


   On July 1st Buddy was quick to come into my room to change the calendar. This is one of his favourite months because he just loves birthdays and we have several. The first one is Canada Day, our national one and this year it's 144 years since Confederation. Prince William and Kate have come for the celebration so I assume there's some media coverage of that event. Then comes the American Independence Day on July 4th. Some of our cousins in the USA love that one. Next it's mine. And then it's Buddy's turn. See his smile?? Fireworks, festivals, cakes, ice cream and fun. That's a great reason to smile! 

  So far I have loved my life in this great country but I do have one regret. I have struggled with ID theft since 2001. I hoped it was behind me but today I did a credit check. Guess what? I'm still not cleared. Apparently I took out a car loan, bank and amount unknown, in October 2007. Really? I paid cash for the car I bought in 2005 and I still have it. And I apparently got myself a gas card, company not known, in October 2006. Why would I?  I've had a gas card since the mid 1990's and the balance is always at zero each month. Finally it seems I also needed a line of credit, amount unknown, from a bank with no name in October 2009. Why would anyone give a line of credit to a person with a bad credit history in 2006 and 2007 and right after the 2008 credit collapse? LOL.  

See a pattern? Apparently I do these things in October. Could it be that I turn into a doppelganger, duplicating myself on Halloween?  lol 

  Seriously I shall have to try to rid myself of that double that's been reappearing since 2001. I just hope I can succeed. I'm learning it's very tough to prove that I'm honest, pay my dues and deserve a good credit rating. While that's not funny, getting there might be fun. At least I'm going to assume that. Have you ever had a problem with ID theft??