Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another chance

 Yesterday hubby went for an angiogram. He hoped to be back in the office by today. That was not how it was to be. Instead he was transferred to the ACU (acute care unit) cardiology ward shortly after the results of the test. There he's being prepped for bypass surgery. 
  For 26 years (refer to last year's December An Unusual Christmas Story) he has avoided it but now the odds are stacked against him. It's do or die and he's not very happy, actually rather quite scared! He cannot imagine having his chest cracked open. He was told that's what they have planned. In his case it's the only option for the type of repair he needs.
  When Buddy had his open heart surgery done hubby wept for the whole 4 1/2 hours until the surgeon told him Buddy had come through it just fine. And Buddy's had this done twice. He feels his dad will be just fine and home well before Christmas. In fact Buddy has plans to make it more special just for Dad. Well I'm with Buddy. All of us are. 
  I believe hubby will eventually feel a lot better after his five blockages are bypassed. And I hope he'll give up his cigars. I never really thought he really liked them. My guess is it was just his way to deal with not really feeling great and grasping on to this to make believe it helped. Pressure can make us do things that are not good choices. For him this was one of those as he was making believe it' was an enjoyable thing to do. HA! 
 Exactly four weeks ago we  were having so much fun at the delightful wedding of our daughter. Now we are bracing ourselves for caring for my darling hubby who has always been there for all of us. I know your good wishes will come our way. That's just the way you are and I'm glad for that. It helps to have your support.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


These eyes are dimming
My vision's a blur.
No refraction can
Restore it to CLEAR!
On top of implants
Right in my blue eyes
Two pair of glasses
Allow in some light.
Three pairs of lenses
To read and to write.

  Some of you know that I struggle with visual impairments for some time now. It makes reading and writing a challenge but I have made some very kind friends here in the blog sphere. I am so thankful for that.
Yesterday I was given a chance to try contacts to see if that would sharpen the picture for me and it did for the distance but it ruined any attempt to see close up. And later I had trouble to get them out. It seems the implants made the surface of the eye too solid to easily squeeze them out.
  So that brings me right back to the old double glasses for close up stuff. No word on how long this will work but for the time being I must be thankful. After all I can see... sort of. Would bullies call that "Six eyes"?                                  

Friday, November 11, 2011

In a few moments the ceremony will begin. Silence at this moment to remember the many who gave their lives to fight for freedom in the wars gone by. The poppy has become a symbol of this day of remembrance. The poem
'In Flanders Fields' is always recited. Guns give a salute. The last post is played by a lone trumpet player. Wreaths are placed. Tears are shed. We shall not forget.
Our national anthem is just being piped over the media signalling that the process for today is officially about to begin. And as long as I can remember I have been part of this event.Today is no exception.

PS. I posted this blog at the exact moment and then I paused to watch the ceremony. Later I posted photos on my other blog.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


    Monday she flies to Fredericton, NB. She spent three years at UNB working on her thesis. Now the time has come for her to defend it. I wish her well. Once this is done she will have earned her MA in creative writing. She also has a BA in CCIT and a certificate in digital communication. And she got certified to teach. She studied hard and did well but I wonder if this will be enough for her future. Jobs are so hard to get.

The next years of her life will be spent in the UK with her mate but first she has to get permission to reside there. So for now she will continue to carry on in a distant relationship. Her skills are definitely geared for that. Hopefully she'll be leaving soon to be with her love. It's not easy to watch her having to wait but it will be harder to see her leaving.