Thursday, May 19, 2011


   Yesterday my entire day was spent at clinics for one little eye. Tomorrow morning I will be measured for a new lens at the hospital's optical ward. On Wednesday (May 25th) morning I will be the first person in the OR for what will hopefully be a successful one hour corrective surgery to my left eye. 
  But the doctor clearly forewarned me that the risk of vision loss in that eye is high. I refer you to a previous post about my Sight to give you the detailed background of the condition of the eye. 
  I have taken on the risk willingly but I must tell you that both my eyes are continuing to lose sight due to macular distortion brought on by high myopia and an odd shaped eye. There is a lot of pressure on the back wall because of it leading to cellular destruction. To date little can be done for it but I guess the stem cell research will some day offer hope of regrowth where tissue loss occurs. If the surgery goes as hoped I shall have a lens that sits correctly lined up inside the iris. But if the macula is too weak to support this then that may result in vision loss perhaps totally. It was a tough decision but I plan to take the risk. 
  This picture was selected because it shows both clarity and blur and represents my hope of reducing the blur, arriving at a beautiful crisp visual acuity so that the little things like this blossom can be enjoyed a bit more even without my Rebel. 
  May this flower turn into a juicy ripe nectarine in August and may I have the improved vision to see that it's ready to harvest. I just hope I'm not being seen as being greedy for having these wishes. My outcome lies in the fate I have chosen by taking a risk. Are my odds good?
  Of course I feel nervous and will spend a bit of time like right now worrying. But thinking of friends and family and meditating will steer me forward.
  Prayers and good wishes are welcomed.


  1. You have my prayers and good wishes. I will be praying for you until the surgery is over. I hope to hear from you when your sight is better my friend. Big hugs. xx

  2. You have my prayers and good wishes, and I do hope that the surgery will be successful. You are definitely not being greedy for wanting sight. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you...

  3. i will pray for your surgery to go well and for you to regain and retain sight. the photo is very beautiful and a perfect representative of what you hope for.

  4. You have all my prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. Wishing the very best for you.

  5. My very best wishes, KleinsteMotte for a successful outcome.
    Sei tapfer und hoffnungsvoll und alles wird gut.

    Mein Mann hat auch macular degeneration, aber fuer ihn kann nichts getan werden.

  6. I am wishing and praying for you, hope everything turns in your favor. with love, Margaret

  7. You are in my prayers. I am send you good wishes for that improved eye sight.

  8. Will be thinking of you and sending loads of good vibes your way!

  9. I have often talked of the difference between taking risks and weighing calculated risks. YouTube is full of mindless teens doing risky stunts. We look at those and wonder what were they thinking? Most likely, that they could be hurt is not among those thoughts.

    You have a degenerative condition, you are taking a calculated risk. You weigh the known consequences against the probabilities of the lesser known. It sounds like statistically the odds are in your favor but there are no guarantees. This you know. I hope for the best outcome for you.