Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 Today hubby had to go for a routine colonoscopy. He agreed that he would drive to the hospital and once there he would just pull up to the entrance, get out and wait for me to take his drivers' seat to proceed to drive back home until it's time for him to be picked up. The plan seems so basic right? Well it was not to be that easy. Just as we pulled into the driveway at the hospital a service vehicle blocked our path. The driver got out and did some grass maintenance. Already moments late for the 11 am appointment this added to the stress of the procedure. Finally when we were able to move to the building entrance. Hubby just dashed out and headed into the doors while I switched over to take the car controls. The car beeped even after my buckle was secure, a warning, but I continued. My plan was to stop at the grocery store to grab some fresh potatoes. I pulled into a parking spot and was ready to leave the car when I realized a huge oversight. Hubby had run off with the key in his pocket and this car uses keyless technology but the remote 'key' must be within range of the radio system it uses. That meant I could not stop here. I needed a 'key'. I left the parking lot wondering how I could keep the car going while I found the spare key.  Once in our driveway I phoned for my daughter to come out and sit in the running car while I searched. After some scary moments I finally found it. With the key in my pocket I went back into the car, thanked my daughter and parked safely in the garage.  What was the concern? While I was driving from the store a message was flashing at me saying the car's security was being breeched. I was actually driving the car as a potential thief. Shutting the engine off without a key present would have shut the car down for good until a new security code was put in by the dealership. Can you imagine the procedure for that? The tow to the dealer, the wait for the service. And how would I pick poor hubby up??Sometimes technology can present us with some very strange unfamiliar obstacles. The end to this has yet to be written. Hubby is still at the hospital and it's almost time for me to get him. The key is in my pocket. Will the car be confused when two keys appear together?
A security car issue on 09.11 for an 11 am appointment seems a bit wacky.


  1. I agree... the more complex the technology, the more prone to break down it is. There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with having a simple mechanical key device that does not depend on other levels of technology to function.

    This kind of thing is only going to get worse, not better.

  2. My car also has keyless entry...and now, thanks to you, I know what will happen if someone takes off in my running car. I had wondered about that.

    All this technology scares me a bit. If the least little thing goes wrong, I'm stuck.

  3. Every time I hear about a routine colonoscopy I shudder, not just because of the horrible purging that happens prior to the procedure but because six years ago my husband went for one and suffered a heart attack at the end of the procedure as they wheeled him out of the surgery. It was not supposed to have been caused by the procedure itself but you never know. He's fine now but it was scary then.

    I trust your husband is home and well.

    Cars and bodies they can both let us down. Thanks K.

  4. Oh My Goodness..... modern technology can just get too modern sometimes, can't it??????? I need to 'get up with the times' --since I had never heard of keyless technology...

    Hope the colonoscopy went well... I had one in 2004 --and don't have to have another one 'tl 2014...

    Have a great day.

  5. this is an amazing story and you were smart to do what you did, as i read i was trying to think what i would do if that happened to me. of course we don't have keyless but i am not sure i would have thought of driving home like you did. i did lock the keys in the car at work while the car was running and had to call home and get bob to bring his keys. lucky we were only 5 minutes from home so it did not run long. great story

  6. The more complicated things get, the more we seem to be running to keep up. You did all the right things in my book. Hope it all turned out well, and that the colonoscopy is history.

  7. Technology. It can be so helpful and yet make rather simple things so tricky. I am dealing with that right now but with regards to medical equipment, coded doors, computers, etc. I hope your husbands results were great after all of that and that you made it home safely and without problems!

  8. When we had our colonoscopies, the authorities insisted that the patient's designated driver remain in the clinic until the patient came back out. Now I know why.

    Also, I don't think I'd be willing to get into the driver's seat just vacated by a man who has spent the night preparing for a colonoscopy. But that's just me.

  9. Some things on my car just plain scare me! They seem smarter than I am!

  10. Bring back the simple cars, I say! You could have had a huge bill after all that fuss! Thank heavens it worked out. I hope the end to the story was a good one.


  11. so good to SEE you! great shot, was it on timer or did someone take it for you? hope the holiday spirit grabs you and makes you smile even more. good to see you back in the macbook