Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today I am swamped by the elections in the USA. Every station is talking about a change. Since I knew nothing about mid terms I did some searches. While the info helped a bit I wonder how many average Americans understand their complex system? Good luck to the voters. The media has certainly made a point of using it's platform to play with this important event. Does TEA really mean 'taxation elimination advocacy'? Who's doing the math for this? Now I can't wait 'til later to hear what the outcome is. 


  1. Hi There, This was a VERY important election for our country.. Most Americans have been extremely unhappy with what has been going on in Washington DC (Congress and President) for the past couple of years. People voted for Obama hoping for some good changes in our country. BUT--he has made things much worse here. SO--the people voted many of the Congressional members OUT...

    Since this is mid-terms, we don't vote on a President until 2012... BUT--IF Obama doesn't start doing much better, I'll bet he will be voted out also in 2012.

    Most of us in this country want less Government involvement, less taxes, and less spending.


  2. we are all as confused as you are and i am thinkging there might be about 10 percent of Americans who understand about 40 percent of what goes on. i can say, our countryyis in a downward spiral and i don't think it will come back up in my life time.

  3. It does get complex, but very interesting as well. We all get "I Voted" stickers after turning in our ballots. I always wear it throughout the day so my students can see!

  4. The best I can advise you Canadians is to "seal your borders"! There will be a lot of people wanting to flee the country before it is completely gutted.

  5. I work for a Canadian company and I find the typical reaction to our mid term elections is bemusement. I figure that's just about the right reaction.