Wednesday, November 16, 2011


These eyes are dimming
My vision's a blur.
No refraction can
Restore it to CLEAR!
On top of implants
Right in my blue eyes
Two pair of glasses
Allow in some light.
Three pairs of lenses
To read and to write.

  Some of you know that I struggle with visual impairments for some time now. It makes reading and writing a challenge but I have made some very kind friends here in the blog sphere. I am so thankful for that.
Yesterday I was given a chance to try contacts to see if that would sharpen the picture for me and it did for the distance but it ruined any attempt to see close up. And later I had trouble to get them out. It seems the implants made the surface of the eye too solid to easily squeeze them out.
  So that brings me right back to the old double glasses for close up stuff. No word on how long this will work but for the time being I must be thankful. After all I can see... sort of. Would bullies call that "Six eyes"?                                  


  1. so sorry to hear all your surgeries have not given you your sight back, but am glad you found a way to read, and yes, i would say you quality as six eyes. so happy that works for you and very creative.

  2. If it works, it's a good solution. I've never seen anyone have to wear two sets of glasses at once, but I'm glad something helps. Vision is too often taken for granted. Without it I would be in terrible trouble.

  3. Gee, I am so sorry, what a pain! I haven't figured my eyes out yet, will probably be something like your solution. My cataract surgery was successful to take out the cataracts, but now I can't see far away, can't see close up... If something is about 5 feet away, I do pretty good, but the distances are closing in. I am forever switching glasses just to see what I need to see.

  4. Oh dear, so very sorry for what you are going through with your eyes. I admire your courage and determination in getting your sight back!

  5. I'm sorry the contacts didn't work for you. Shame there isn't some sort of surgery they could do. Must be very frustrating trying to wear two pair of glasses. Couldn't they make one pair like the two together? Like the poem you made up. I'm no good at writing poems or anything else for that matter. Have a great day.

  6. I can feel for what you are struggling with. I am going through the vision impairment and can no longer see as I use to. I had my grand-daughter put 0ver my keyboard colored letters to make it brighter. Sorry the contacts did not work. I wish there was some kind of laser treatment for us. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  7. I admire you fortitude. I say do what works, none of us knows what tomorrow brings. Keep at it and keep writing….that’s my vote.
    This is a good post. Honest! I do hope a better solution does come your way.

  8. If it works, go for it. I'm sorry you continue to struggle. You are a dear person. If anyone calls you six eyes, I'll punch them!

  9. We take our eyes so much for granted while we are young, never dreaming that as we age, their acuity will be affected. I used to feel mildly annoyed each time we'd sit down to a meal and my Dad would appear to go through a ritual of carefully taking his glasses case out of his top pocket, then removing the glasses from within to place on his nose. It seemed so laborious. I am now far beyond that stage in my own life. I need to wear different gradings of lenses to read, peel veggies, garden and vacuum. I have pairs all over the house and regularly say a silent, "Sorry, Dad!" for having been impatient all those years ago. I admire your positive attitude towards what is a frustrating situation and love that you are able to see the humour in it, too. Big hug xoxo

  10. I am very behind in commenting on your blog, and I wanted to thank you for your very sweet comments on mine! How did I get so far behind in your posts! I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with your eyesight. You sound upbeat about it all, though, and I think that is wonderful! I hope there is something they can do to help you this coming year. I treasure our blogger friendship also, and am always happy to see your posts and comments! Will keep you in my prayers! By the way, thank you for reminding me about how to post a link...I had totally forgotten!