Sunday, July 3, 2011


   On July 1st Buddy was quick to come into my room to change the calendar. This is one of his favourite months because he just loves birthdays and we have several. The first one is Canada Day, our national one and this year it's 144 years since Confederation. Prince William and Kate have come for the celebration so I assume there's some media coverage of that event. Then comes the American Independence Day on July 4th. Some of our cousins in the USA love that one. Next it's mine. And then it's Buddy's turn. See his smile?? Fireworks, festivals, cakes, ice cream and fun. That's a great reason to smile! 

  So far I have loved my life in this great country but I do have one regret. I have struggled with ID theft since 2001. I hoped it was behind me but today I did a credit check. Guess what? I'm still not cleared. Apparently I took out a car loan, bank and amount unknown, in October 2007. Really? I paid cash for the car I bought in 2005 and I still have it. And I apparently got myself a gas card, company not known, in October 2006. Why would I?  I've had a gas card since the mid 1990's and the balance is always at zero each month. Finally it seems I also needed a line of credit, amount unknown, from a bank with no name in October 2009. Why would anyone give a line of credit to a person with a bad credit history in 2006 and 2007 and right after the 2008 credit collapse? LOL.  

See a pattern? Apparently I do these things in October. Could it be that I turn into a doppelganger, duplicating myself on Halloween?  lol 

  Seriously I shall have to try to rid myself of that double that's been reappearing since 2001. I just hope I can succeed. I'm learning it's very tough to prove that I'm honest, pay my dues and deserve a good credit rating. While that's not funny, getting there might be fun. At least I'm going to assume that. Have you ever had a problem with ID theft??


  1. No, I haven't had any problem. (knock wood) It's happened to several people I know, however. My husband is almost paranoid about security, and I'm beginning to think these days it might be useful!

  2. My husband had a problem with it too. Sigh. It's a nightmare.

    Tell Buddy July is my favorite month too!

  3. No ID theft so far, but there are so many guys with my husband's name that we get other's mail and if they get ours - they aren't talking. I do worry a lot about that.

  4. I totally LOVE July.. and the fact that I have a birthday in the middle of it makes it all that much sweeter.

  5. My baby girl has a birthday this month.
    I have never been fond of July because I don't like hot weather, but I do like the long days. The garden starts to look bad around now, but mine is still looking pretty.

    Identity theft! bummer. That is not a good. I hope you clear it up soon.

    Are you sure you are not sneaking out and night and charging a whole bunch of things? ;0)

    My house is always dusty. I hate it. I clean it constantly but it gets dusty all the time.
    I think sunshine comes in all forms too. God Bless Liz!

    Hope you have an exceptionally wonderful birthday (and Buddy too!)

  6. Thank Goodness, no. And I hope never to have one.
    Is it just credit rating which is affected or are there other aspects?

  7. July is a special birthday month to me...7/7- when my girl was born. Now she is turning 29 with a girl of her own!

    hugs, Cheryl

  8. I haven't had ID theft yet and hope it stays that way. Sorry to hear it has been a problem for you. Do they ever find out who is stealing your identity?