Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today the temperature has gone to 21C and that's very warm for October 26.. The heat will cause havoc this evening as it cools down. The winds should start blowing violently and fast as the thunderstorms erupt! Already the sky is an eerie grey. Outside my hotel window, across the street by the conference centre, the flags flutter and suggest the wind's coming up from the south west. Wild westerlies?? Hopefully not too wild.!


  1. I pray the weather doesn't get too wild! 21 C is very warm for this time of year for sure.

  2. hope the storms have passed you by and you are safe and sound and warm. i saw all the storms up there on tv last night.

  3. We are in the midst of rain and temperatures not too cold, still waiting for our first frost of the season! Hope you made it through your weather event in one piece!

  4. We are having wild winds here! Hope you avoid them!

  5. We've all had some crazy weather it seems. We had high winds, tornado watches and lots of rain here... Luckily, there was nothing severe.

    Hope your weather doesn't get too wild up there.