Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's raining.
This summer the rain is not letting up to give a sunny weekend.
I'm not sure if we've even had one total rainless one yet. It poured during the night. Then the day was cloudy. Now it's raining some more. I may go to Montanas for a tasty supper.Like most I like an excuse to dine out.
It's fun!
I've spent the day reading articles on my laptop.  Email was down all day. I experience it a lot.Not sure if the rain can be blamed though.
Likely my setup isn't very secure.
Something to work on when it's sunny!!!
Being a  retired teacher, I often miss that very busy time that was so exciting and stimulating. When personal computers arrived ten years into my career I had to learn some basics that I could teach.
The 80's were definitely a challenge for the average classroom teacher. The curriculum kept increasing.
Yet as I look back I recall all the enjoyment and fulfilment.
The rainy days were always the best.
It was a time to move from the traditional tasks.
Creative versions allowing ways to present content using drama, music, games or visual art were fostered.
Great days those rainy days!
A positive learning environment generated by showing respect each member of the class was paramount. All individuals are an important part of the learning process.
We are all students and we all are teachers. Learning is an ongoing process.
Sharing ideas and understanding helps build self-worth. Friendships and bonds appear.
Rainy days became the most favourite time to share.
No regular routines. Time for the enhancement of material.
Rainy days were always a welcome hit.
Leadership skills developed as all were taking turns to manage the new events.
Attendance was high. Snacks were shared as we stayed indoors. Rain kept us there.
And the class controlled itself. There was respect and generosity.
Many great stories evolved on those rainy days!
Laughter, movement and fun. Learning at its best.
Everyone took an active part. The classroom was a lively place.
I miss those days.
It's still raining Kleinste Motte.

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