Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The next rainy day

There's rain today too.
It's intermittent. Some are questioning when it will end.
No summer so far and too much rain .
Really??Droplets hit my window pane.
I key.Blogging is way more complex than I thought.
The editing, the following, the wish to be noticed. Social networking .
Will friendship evolve from a blog?
All to be discovered in my case. Nothing in my life is ever easy. Challenges seem to find me more than others. That's just the way it is . So?
Pitter, splatter. I hear it.I reflect.
I miss the teaching days.Indoor recess in August ?
Not many folks are in classrooms just now.
It rains.  I reflect.
Campsites. Most campers are not keen about rain. Wet tents. Soggy kindling resisting match after match. Campfires smoldering.. Rain... Camps...
Guide Camp the summer I turned 13. My parents sent me to Doe Lake.
Their birthday present was their visit! Great!
That was before the rain came. Rain..
Wet canvas, soggy sleeping bags, damp firewood.
Still, I enjoyed my time at camp. I went back several times.
Though challenging, the rain was fun for me.
Rain at camp. Fresher, sweeter air.
Water droplets dripping off canvas walls,
onto my hair, my face, my lips, my back, my skin!
Soaked but refreshed and so happy!
WET through and through and very happy.
Kleinste Motte, I love the rain.

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