Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Faith in Magical Events

  It is a very magical time now! All around us people are decorating their homes with pretty lights and wreaths. And the malls are bursting with shoppers making it tough for us to find a parking spot. But Buddy loves to be out and about so when the weather is a bit too cool a mall is where he wants to be for our walks.
  We went the other day after our first snowfall because we wanted to buy a few gifts. As we strolled along we hit the spot where parents and little kids line up to visit with Santa who sat perched in a big chair for those photo ops. Buddy walked over to the fence that surrounded this area and pulled out his brand new iPone 5C that he had purchased two days earlier to capture his favourite friend of the season. As he did so something very special happened.
  I captured this by grabbing his iPhone from him. Seems this Santa was too special to overlook. As Santa saw Buddy's keen interest in his presence he must have noticed Buddy has a disability. Without warning this Santa decided to forget about all the lined up small kids and walked straight towards Buddy who exclaimed,
  'Wow Santa is so magical!"
Santa was soon at Buddy's side and said to him,
  "I think you have been very good."
 Then he handed us each a candy cane and assured Buddy this Christmas would be awesome again before he headed back to his big chair to greet the tots waiting in line. I wondered how the parents were feeling. I hope for their sake it was a positive moment because that's what makes this time of the year so magical and fills many of us with wonder and hope despite other sorrows we may have to deal with.
   That Santa has the true spirit of the joy for this festive time and Buddy more than ever loves his magical ways even though he knows we buy the gifts. 
  Buddy is so inspirtational. At 40 he gets it better than many folks I know! I get to share his amazing insightful comments. He's a very bright man. But he refuses to give up those things that made his youth very magical and happy.
  Do you have a special moment similar this to share? Buddy would be thrilled and so would I to hear from you.
  How do you like Buddy's hat? He's very fashion aware and knows hats are in.


  1. oh, thank you, Heidi... what a wonderful wonderful story... sniff

    bless that Santa and your Buddy and I like his hat very much!

  2. What a wonderful story. Buddy, Santa and and others like them, can teach all of us that Christmas is still magical.

    My niece is also a special person. It is her love for all magical things, including Santa, that warms my heart at this time of year. She is 30.

  3. Such a great story, Heidi. And I love the photo!

  4. Love the hat, Buddy and what a wonderful magical Santa you found in the mall... made tears come to my eyes reading it... i love watching people in the malls...

  5. Oh how neat… So glad you told me about this post… That is one awesome Santa… I'm sure that Buddy will remember this moment all of his life… We ALL need to have a little more of Buddy inside of us… We need to find that magic and that joy which he has… God Bless him.

    Thanks, Heidi… Tell Buddy I love his hat….

  6. A special moment with Buddy and a special Santa. I found your blogs through your comments on my blog. Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment so I could say "Hi."

    I think I am going to enjoy visits with you, Buddy and your photos and thoughts!

  7. What a sweet and sensitive moment for you all. I think that Santa really "gets it" about the true meaning of Christmas.

    I do like Buddy's hat! So fashionable and warm looking.

    Magical moments for me are in a grandchild's smile, a mittened hand reaching out to hold Grandma's, a runny nose to wipe, a sticky candy cane kiss.

    Forgetting the proper time of my hair appointment, yet the hairdresser smiled, laughed and fitted me right in, saying it was probably their fault. I know it wasn't…..

    Twinkling coloured lights on houses as I pass by for my early evening walk. Churches full of music and people at this time of year. Food bank collection boxes overflowing…..

    Lovely post, Heidi.

  8. Yes, a very lovely post. It's wonderful to see the pictures, hear the stories, and realize that Christmas, what it really means, is alive and well in many, many spirits this year. A blessed Christmas to you and Buddy! And to this special Santa. :-)

  9. What a wonderful and inspiring story. That Santa is amazing, as is Buddy. Yes, I love the hat! He's rocking' it for sure. Thank you for the gift of this incredible post.

  10. I was wondering if Santa has been able to help with your eyesight at all? Seems like it would be a snap for a guy like him. You've inspired me to put out extra cookies and carrots for him this year.