Saturday, April 16, 2011


   Vine Cliff. How's that for a name? A winery liked it and used it for their winery in the Napa Valley. Since grapes grow on vines it seems appropriate. Their orchards are on the sides of hills sort of like cliffs so this adds to the charm of their chosen name. But I'm not so sure why a very flat road miles away from that valley carries the same name. I stroll along Vine Cliff Blvd. to get to the pond and the woods. 
   Here are some of the vines I found recently while on my walk. I wonder how the trees survive once a vine moves in on them?

    These trees may be in trouble as some nasty vines took hold. Vines that are not the kind that one would wish to grow for a profit unless there's some hidden property in them that I know nothing about. Maybe I should study the possibilities? Perhaps that's already been done and I just don't know it? Do you?
    I must confess that I do like the wine variety. Sipping an occasional red cabernet is delightful when there's a festivity. One is soon approaching.

PS. Patience has been rewarded. My long awaited eye surgeon appointment has finally been made by them for me in mid May. I've waited almost a year so let's hope they don't cancel me. Better vision would surely add to the quality of my life. It's a struggle to see when a lens is out of whack and it's a strain on the head physically and emotionally.


  1. hoping your eye appointment goes ahead as planned. sometimes you can get in sooner if you ask to be on a wait list for when people cancel their appointments ;-)

  2. In the one picture, the vines seem to be strangling the tree. I like the first picture of the hanging vines. You have been dealing with the eye thing for a long time; I hope you are able to take care of it in May.

  3. i love the vines. so happy you finally have your surgery scheduled.

  4. Lovely vine pictures. They are certainly insistent beings aren't they! So glad you have your eye appointment scheduled. Hope all goes well!!

  5. Vines are a predatory plant and usually eventually kill their host. English Ivy is a scourge in Oregon and sale of it is banned in most cities. Portland's largest city park, Forest Park, is being choked by the ivy, volunteers go into the park to try to eradicate it.

    You mention one thing that terrifies Americans about your Canadian health care system - waiting. We are terrified that if we go to a single payer system, we will all have to wait. Waiting is not something Americans do well.

  6. I am so glad that your eyesight is finally going to be addressed.

    I find vines really interesting....except when they are in my yard.

  7. I hope the eye appointment goes well for you.

    Those vines really are interesting. They can do their damage, can't they?

  8. Good for you on the eye appointment. Patty finally had hers and got a cataract removed and now doesn't need glasses. Isn't that wonderful?

    I used to hang out in small wooded places where grape vines grew clear up into the tops of trees. Loved that place and spent many a night there all curled up in a blanket on the forest floor under that big vine.